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Agilent J&W Packed GC Columns  

Agilent J&W Packed GC Columns are designed and manufactured to offer excellent and reproducible performance for all sample types associated with packed column separations, most...
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Agilent J&W Petroleum GC Columns  

The Agilent J&W Select Low Sulfur GC column addresses the specific needs of petrochemical chemists who need lower detection limits for sulfur components in light hydrocarbons.
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Agilent J&W Ultra Inert GC Columns  

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Agilent J&W DB-1ms and HP-1ms Ultra Inert Capillary GC columns raise the bar on consistent column inertness performance for better peak shapes and greater signal-to-noise ratios. They allow...
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Agilent MS Certified Liners  

Tested to highest level of scrutiny   Agilent MS Certified Split and Splitless liners are manufactured and tested to our highest level of scrutiny to assure reproducibility. We have...
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Agilent Precision Gas Flow Meter  

Agilents Precision Gas Flow Meter is the ultimate gas flowmeter for chromatography applications. This handheld flowmeter incorporates industry leading performance and features in a highly...
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Agilent Renewable Gas Purification System  

The Renewable Gas Purification System from Agilent not only traps large quantities of contaminants and lasts a long time, but it is also recyclable. With average use, you'll only have to...
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Agilent Select FAME GC Columns  

The Select FAME column is tuned for optimal cis/trans separations of FAMEs, especially the C18 isomers. The bonded column has an isothermal maximum operation temperature of 275°C and a...
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Agilent Select Mineral Oil   

Total petroleum hydrocarbons analysis is a routine technique in many environmental laboratories, with many samples needing to be screened. A simple and reliable method is required that...
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Agilent Split Liners   

Optimal inlet performance      Agilent split liners are made to strict dimension specifications for optimal inlet performance and feature the tightest tolerances for OD, ID, taper and glass...
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Agilent Splitless Liners   

Optimal inlet performance      Agilent offers a complete line of liners for your Agilent GC splitless inlet. Agilents proprietary deactivation is important for splitless liners because of...
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Agilent Syringes  

Autosampler and Manual Syringes   For exacting measurement, transport and delivery of liquids necessary for sample preparation and injection, specify Agilents full suite of manual and...
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Agilent Ultimate Union Kit Connectors  

Extremely low dead volume connections   Frustrated with leaky, hard to use press-fit connectors? Now anyone in your lab can easily connect guard columns or retention gaps to GC columns by...
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Agilent UltiMetal CP-Sil PAH CB column  

The UltiMetal CP-Sil PAH CB column combines the advantages of a highly thermo-stable stationary phase with UltiMetal as the column material.
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Agilent Ultra 1 and Ultra 2 Columns   

The Ultra 1 and Ultra 2 columns are non polar; they resemble the Hp-1 and Hp-5 with tighter specifications  for retention index and capacity factors.
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Agilent VF-5 Pesticides Columns  

The VF-5 columns are specially designed for the determination of trace levels of pesticide residue. Every column is individually tested before shipment with key pesticides, including endrin...
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Agilent VF-5ht GC Columns  

The VF-5ht improves the analysis of high boiling compounds by exhibiting low bleed, even at high temperatures.
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Agilent VF-5ms GC Columns  

The VF-5ms is a highly inert 5% phenyl-methyl column for increased sensitivity, accuracy and instrument uptime. The columns have the lowest guaranteed bleed specification of 1 pA @ 325 °C...
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Agilent VF-DA GC Columns  

The VF-DA is a unique, guaranteed low bleed  GC column for drugs of abuse confirmation testing; it has high recovery for trace components and excellent resistance to direct methanol...
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Archon Purge & Trap Auto Sampler   

For environmental labs concerned about improving productivity, the Archon purge and trap autosampler achieves the highest possible sample throughput and gives the highest confidence in the...
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Big Traps - 750 cc  

Extra large gas purifiers (750 cc) are ideal for bulk purification applications or where several instruments are plumbed from a single gas source. They provide a low cost alternative to UHP...
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Biodiesel Analyzers   

Biofuels are becoming more attractive as a viable supplement or alternative to petroleum-based fuels, which continue to increase in price and rely on a dwindling supply of crude oil.
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Capillary Flow Technology GC x GC Flow Modulator  

Agilent Capillary Flow Technology's, reliable, leak-free, in-oven design now provides comprehensive multidimensional chromatography, also called GC x GC, offering powerful capabilities for...
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Capillary Flow Technology Supplies   

Designed for Capillary Flow devices   Agilent offers a family of GC accessories based on our proprietary Capillary Flow Technology. These accessories increase system productivity and...
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CP-WAX 57 CB for Glycols and Alcohols  

CP-Wax 57 CB for Glycols and Alcohols is guaranteed for the analysis of glycols, diols and alcohols. It has a unique, high polarity wax phase that produces symmetrical peaks. ...
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CTC Sample Injectors   

The CTC PAL sample injectors enable GC and GC/MS laboratories to increase productivity with greater automated sample preparation capabilities and a variety of sample vial options. The...
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