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Agilent DB-1ht GC Columns   

Agilent makes more capillary columns than anyone else in the world and our commitment to product reliability and repeatability has raised the level of quality that chromatographers demand.
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Agilent VF-5ht GC Columns  

The VF-5ht improves the analysis of high boiling compounds by exhibiting low bleed, even at high temperatures.
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MXT®-1HT SimDist Column  

Accurate boiling point determination for medium and heavy fractions using GC simulated distillation requires columns and phase polymers that are robust enough to withstand high...
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MXT®-WAX Columns  

MXT® columns are made from stainless steel tubing that has had the internal surface treated with our exclusive Siltek® surface treatment. The Siltek® layer makes the surface as inert...
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Rxi®-17 (Fused Silica) GC columns  

Restek's former Rtx®-17 columns are now manufactured using new Rxi® column technology--for unsurpassed inertness, ultra-low bleed, guaranteed reproducibility, and unmatched performance! ...
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3-IN-1 TECHNOLOGY with Rxi® columns: • Highest Inertness • Lowest Bleed • Exceptional Reproducibility Rxi® columns are more stable at high temperatures than any other manufacturer’s...
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Rxi®-5HT (Fused Silica) GC columns  

Restek's new line of fused silica capillary GC columns - Rxi® columns - is now available!   The columns are designed specifically to be the best columns available, for exceptional...
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Rxi®-624Sil MS (Fused Silica) GC columns  

Rxi® fused silica capillary GC columns were designed specifically to be the best columns available, for exceptional inertness, ultra-low bleed, and reproducible retention and selectivity.
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Zebron™ HT Inferno™ GC Columns  

Zebron™ Inferno columns are the world's first non-metal GC columns stable to 430°C. They utilize both a new polyimide resin coating material and a new bonding process to provide this...
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OPTIMA® high performance capillary columns  

As a result of our efforts in research and development and the continuous improvements in our manufacturing techniques we present OPTIMA® – a series of high performance capillary columns...
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OPTIMA® the unique family of phases with autosel...  

All stationary phases in GC offer a selectivity, called polarizability, that is influenced by the sample, but OPTIMA® δ columns offer this valuable feature to a greater extent than any...
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Ultra Low Bleed Phases  

Set a course in your high end gas chromatography with the new arylen phases from MN OPTIMA® 1-MS ACCENT, OPTIMA® 5-MS ACCENT, OPTIMA® XLB, OPTIMA® 35-MS,  - the new ultra low...
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TRACE™ GC columns  

The new line of TRACE™ GC columns offers reliable, reproducible columns for GC and GC/MS to meet all of your analysis needs. TRACE™ TR-1 GC Columns The TRACE TR-1 from...
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ValcoBond® columns  

VICI AG uses proprietary liquid phase processing to produce low bleed characteristics while maintaining identical retention characteristics to the phases you are used to. These...
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