Chiral Capillaries

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Agilent J&W Cyclo Sil-B GC Columns  

The Agilent J&W Cyclo Sil-B GC Columns perform chiral separations without chiral specific derivations. Agilent makes more capillary columns than anyone else in the world and our commitment...
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CP-WAX 57 CB for Glycols and Alcohols  

CP-Wax 57 CB for Glycols and Alcohols is guaranteed for the analysis of glycols, diols and alcohols. It has a unique, high polarity wax phase that produces symmetrical peaks. ...
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HP-Chiral ß capillary GC column  

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The HP-Chiral ß capillary GC column is a Chiral stationary phase column based on permethylated beta-cyclodextran which has very broad applications for resolving volatile optical isomers.
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Rxi®-624Sil MS (Fused Silica) GC columns  

Rxi® fused silica capillary GC columns were designed specifically to be the best columns available, for exceptional inertness, ultra-low bleed, and reproducible retention and selectivity.
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Zebron™ ZB-SemiVolatiles GC columns  

Experience the Zebron Difference Zebron GC columns are engineered by expert Phenomenex GC scientists that created key J&W technologies. We provide best-in-class technologies and...
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Capillary columns for enantiomer separation  

Enantiodifferentiation is an important aspect in the activity of biological systems: enantiomers of chiral odour and flavour components as well as pharmaceuticals can possess very different...
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Chiral Capillary GC Columns  

Cyclodextrin-based DEX and Astec CHIRALDEX phases are stable, high boiling liquids and make effective CSPs for enantiomer separations by GC. The two lines exhibit complementary...
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Omegawax® Capillary GC Columns  

This column allows highly reproducible analyses of fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs), specifically the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. It is tested to ensure reproducible FAME equivalent...
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SLB-5ms Capillary GC Column  

SLB-5ms Capillary GC Column Application: The 5% phenyl equivalent phase provides a boiling point elution order with a slight increase in selectivity, especially for aromatic...
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