Ice Containers/Carriers

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ThawSTAR™ CFT Transporter  

ThawSTAR CFT Transporter ("Transporter") is a portable solution for the handling and transport of frozen vials from long-term storage in vapor phase liquid nitrogen or in a -80°C freezer...
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Transport Boxes  

Containers and thermostabilisers designed for transporting blood products under military conditions. The transport boxes are specially designed to meet the requirements of field conditions...
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Transport systems / boxes for vaccines  

Transport containers for storing and transporting vaccines even in the most remote areas of the world and under difficult technical and climatic conditions. They guarantee a stable...
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Cardboard Cryogenic Vial Boxes and Partitions  

Economical storage solutions in a box Store cryogenic vials in liquid ­nitrogen, or in mechanical freezers in our freezer storage boxes. Box footprint is 133 x 133 mm. Select a box...
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Cryogenic Vial Holders  

Attractive and durable storage, handling, and transportation Designed to be superior in every way. Polycarbonate vial holders withstand both cryogenic freezing and autoclaving.
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Standard Freezer Racks  

Offering a variety of racks to safely store samples in your freezer Choose from a wide selection of steel racks for upright and chest freezers. All racks are corrosion-resistant...
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True North® Cryogenic Vials  

Innovative design saves space in your freezer! We have designed the first externally threaded vials that fit 100 to a standard cryostorage box, so you use freezer space 23% more...
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