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A.C.E Sequencing Buffer  
This optimised buffer for DNA capillary electrophoresis sequencing provides excellent results-long read lengths, high resolution, and consistant run times. Long read lengths, high...
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Agarose I  
Agarose I is a standard melting/gelling agarose, suitable for routine nucleic acid analytical/preparative applications. All purpose, high purity agarose, exceptional band resolution and...
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Blue Bandit  
AMRESCO’s Blue-BANDit is a convenient alternative to traditional Coomassie Blue staining procedures. Environmentally friendly, this ready-to-use stain does not contain methanol...
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DNA Damage Quantification Kit  
Abasic site quantification in genomic DNA.  Determine the number of abasic sites in genomic DNA samples, colourimetric microplate assay, detection range: 1-40 abasic sites per 1x10^5 base...
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Ethidium Bromide (Dropper Bottle)  
The new dropper format allows researchers to minimize exposure to Ethidium Bromide and offers a convenient, consistent method for all of your nucleic acid staining applications.
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Next Gel  
Next Gel is a revolutionary ready-to-pour premixed solution of acrylamide, bisacrylamide, gel buffer, and SDS that enables ultra-fine resolution of protein bands superior to other...
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PAGE-PLUS is a unique matrix specifically designed for superb resolution of DNA sequencing products and low molecular weight DNA. Superior matrix for DNA sequencing - preferred for the...
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RITE-Gels 2D Pre-cast Gels  
These two dimensional format gels are pre-cast actylamide Tris-Glycine gradient mini-gels and are for use in the second stage of a two stage electophoresis process.  The 2D RITE Gels...
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RNA Electrophoresis Kit  
The RNA electrophoresis kit is a perfect and convenient way for RNA researchers to try several innovative electrophoresis products. Comprehensive kit includes a variety of key products...
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Silver-BULLit Staining Kit  
Ultra-high sensitivity with clear superior results, very low background, all liquid - no weighing required, mass spec compatible.
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TBE Buffer  
TBE Buffer available in a number of different formats. 10X liquid concentrate or the 5X liquid concentrate can be used to easily prepare a 1X working solution by diluting with...
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Water, Nuclease-free  
Nuclease-free water is prepared using diethylpyrocarbonate (DEPC) to ensure the removal of RNase contamination. RNase-free, sterile, optimised for molecular biology applications.
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