Analyzing Post-Translational Modifications of Intact IgG Using Aeris™ WIDEPORE Core-Shell HPLC/UHPLC and BioSep™ GFC/SEC Columns
24 Oct 2014

The ever growing interest in protein therapeutics has found researchers looking for improved solutions for identifying posttranslational modifications of proteins. For the analysis of large, intact proteins like recombinant IgG therapeutics, Phenomenex offers two bioseparation product lines (Aeris and BioSep) for improved solutions in identifying low-level post-translational modifications. Aeris WIDEPORE is a reversed phase core-shell HPLC/UHPLC column that features improved resolution and recovery versus traditional fully porous 300 Å media. BioSep columns offer high performance gel filtration separations that offer improved resolution and inertness versus other aqueous GFC columns. This application note features examples of the use of each column for analyzing recombinant IgG.

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