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Sieve Shakers  

FRITSCH Sieve Shakers: Everything you need for sieving! - Convenient – Precise - Reliable! The FRITSCH sieve range is the focused answer to all typical sieving tasks in the laboratory:...
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BioShake Series  

The BioShake series turns the traditional way of thinking up-side down in the laboratories and defines the requirements to a lab mixer completely new. Due to a permanently increase of...
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Panasonic MIR-S100 High Speed Orbital Shaker  

The Panasonic MIR-S100 Orbital Shaker can be used on the bench as a standalone unit, alternatively it can be placed inside a Panasonic MIR Cooled Incubator or  MLR Plant...
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Abbemat Juice Station  

Reliable Brix measurements even with fruit pulp or other particles in your beverage. The vertical setup of the Abbemat Juice Station refractometer avoids sedimentation of particles,...
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Orbital Digital Shaker  

Orbital Digital Shaker with compact design:   1.Compact, orbital shaker with ideal swivel motion, for a maximum shaking weight of 7.5kg 2.LCD display for speed and time adjustment, makes...
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The Grant bio range of shakers provides compact, stylish and efficient equipment for many routine shaking applications in life science, chemistry and other analytical/research...
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GyroTwister™ GX-1000 3-D Shaker  

The three dimensional shaking motion of the GyroTwister GX-1000 is extremely efficient, yet gentle, making this shaker ideal for general mixing as well as staining gels, hybridization and...
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Orbit™ LS Low Speed Shaker  

The Orbit LS low speed shaker is a high quality, general purpose shaker with economical analog control. Styled after the other models in the line, the Orbit LS features a streamlined,...
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ProBlot 25™ and 25XL Rockers  

The Labnet Economy Rockers, ProBlot 25 and 25XL, are basic rocking platforms that have been designed for a long life and trouble-free service.   Rocker speed is adjustable to provide...
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Elmi Orbital and Reciprocal Shakers  

The 'Sky Line' generation of orbital and rocking shakers is amazingly flexible, reliable and high performance line of universal laboratory equipment. Great selection of accessories and...
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Air Jet Sieve AS 200 jet  

The new Air Jet Sieve AS 200 jet is particularly suitable for light materials with particle sizes in the lower micron range. It is used with sieves of 10 microns mesh size or more. The...
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Test sieves  

The particle size analysis is constantly confronted with ever increasing demands. This is also reflected in the greater requirements made in the new standard DIN ISO 3310. In order to adapt...
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Forma Tabletop Orbital Shakers  

Our patented balancing technology and rugged mechanism make smooth high capacity 24/7 shaking a reality (backed up by an unmatched 2 year or 12,00 hour + lifetime mechanism...
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