Total Fat / Oil Content Analyzer

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Oxidation Stability Reactor, OXITEST  

Oxidation of fats contained in foods can be considered as one of the most important factors affecting shelf-life of food. OXITEST is an innovative instrument able to provide useful...
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892 Professional Rancimat  

Metrohm launches the 892 Professional Rancimat with new StabNet software Over the years, the Metrohm Rancimat has become the standard device for measuring the oxidation stability of...
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Infratec® 1229 Whole Grain Analyzer  

Automated, fast and accurate NIT analysis for whole grain. It offers standard calibrations for protein, oil, starch and moisture determinations in diverse whole grain including wheat,...
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Infratec® 1255 Food Analyzer  

A flexible instrument for determination of protein, fat, moisture, fiber, starch, sugar and other constituents in food products by using Near Infrared Transmission technology. It is both...
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Infratecâ 1725 Whole Grain Analyser  

Remotely controlled real time analysis of grain. Simultaneously analyses the protein, moisture, fat and starch content of whole grain using NIT, Near Infrared Transmittance. Typical grains...
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The Fibertherm , a product manufactured by Gerhardt, is a closed and fully automated processing system. This instrument is designed specifically for the boiling and filtration steps for...
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The HYDROTHERM is a unique, safe, and state of the art product manufactured by Gerhardt. HYDROTHERM is the only closed, Automated Hydrolysis System specifically used for Hydrolysis and...
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Soxtherm 416  

Gerhardt has created a complete line of Soxtherm models, creating the ideal opportunity to have a state of the art lab for Extraction systems. One of the most impressive units in the line...
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Matrix SafTest Platform  

The SafTest® System is a rapid, standardized testing system to prepare and separate complex matrices for analyses. Currently available micro-analytical tests provide information on the...
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Raw & Dietary Fiber Determination  

5 out of 5

FIWE units are suitable for the crude fiber analysis and detergent fiber extraction according to official standard methods. Authorities of almost all countries require manufacturers of...
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Solvent Extractors, SER 148 Series & HU6  

The SER 148 Series provides safe and fast solvent extraction in food, feed, agricultural, industrial or environmental samples, covering a wide range of applications. HU6 hydrolysis system...
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