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MCP 200/250/300/500 Sucromat Automatic Saccharim...  

MCP 200/250/300/500 Sucromat is an automatic saccharimeter for the highly accurate analysis of products in the sugar industry. The values are given in °Z (International Sugar Scale).
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Schmidt + Haensch High Performance Polarimeters  

Polartronic H532 is the highest performance polarimeter available on the market, designed for the most challenging research. The H532 achieves extraordinary precision (±0.002°) across...
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Inline Brix Measurement, Diet Beverage Analysis ...  

Cobrix 5 is a measuring system specially designed for the beverage and beer industry. Besides Brix and CO2 concentration it measures various other parameters, such as alcohol content,...
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Infratec® 1255 Food Analyzer  

A flexible instrument for determination of protein, fat, moisture, fiber, starch, sugar and other constituents in food products by using Near Infrared Transmission technology. It is both...
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SDmatic - standardised tool that is indispensable for rapid, simple, accurate and reliable analysis of damaged starch in less than 10 minutes. The SDmatic measures iodine absorption in...
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Raw & Dietary Fiber Determination  

5 out of 5

FIWE units are suitable for the crude fiber analysis and detergent fiber extraction according to official standard methods. Authorities of almost all countries require manufacturers of...
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