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AKTA (ÄKTA) avant - advanced protein separation ...  

4 out of 5

ÄKTA™ avant – Productivity in process development. ÄKTA is the Swedish word for true or real. And it is the name for GE Healthcare’s protein purification systems that have enabled over...
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  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • After sales service 4 out of 5
  • Value for money 4 out of 5

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GraceResolvTM Flash Cartridges  

Grace’s 30 years of chromatography experience combined with 80 years of silica manufacturing expertise has yielded the ideal flash cartridge, GraceResolvTM flash cartridges.
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Reveleris® Amino and Diol Flash Cartridges  

Reveleris® Amino and Diol Flash Cartridges Silica flash cartridges, while effective for many applications, have their limitations for some compound classes like carbohydrates and lipids.
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MACHEREY-NAGEL, the manufacturer of NUCLEOSIL®, and one of the leading companies for chromatography products, introduces CHROMABOND® FLASH columns/cartridges and holder. The...
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MACHEREY NAGEL, the manufacturer of NUCLEOSIL® and NUCLEODUR® and a leading European SPE and FLASH manufacturer offers a new and complete program of “ready to use” FLASH cartridges for...
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VersaFlash® High Throughput Flash Purification (...  

The VersaFlash HTFP system is an innovative flash chromatography system that offers all of the capabilities required for flash separations, plus the versatility to perform unique...
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Pre-packed Flash Cartridges SiliaSep™  

Fast, reliable & selective. Add these features to a top grade silica gel and you will find a pre-packed flash cartridge that will allow you to achieve great peak resolutions time and...
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CombiFlash® Rf 4x  

Multitask like never before with the CombiFlash Rf 4x system, a four-sample automated version of the innovative CombiFlash Rf personal purification system. Its built-in control system...
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CombiFlash® Torrent  

Get the ease of use and reliability provided by CombiFlash and RediSep for Development Scale purification with the all new CombiFlash Torrent Purification System from Teledyne Isco. ...
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Foxy® R1  

The one-rack Foxy R1 fraction collector can be adapted to a broad spectrum of applications. The units can distribute fractions into 96 well microplates, standard tube sizes, and...
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Foxy® R2  

The two-rack Foxy R2 fraction collector can be adapted to a broad spectrum of applications. The units can distribute fractions into 96 well microplates, standard tube sizes, and...
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Model 340CF Preparative ELSD  

This detector is a modular component solution for the unique needs of preparative chromatography, allowing you to confidently see compounds without chromophores. An integral flow split...
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RediSep Basic Compound Purification Kit  

This toolkit of alternative Flash media provides faster, cleaner separations by eliminating common problems encountered  in normal-phase purification of basic compounds. The...
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RediSep® Alumina Columns  

Alternative to Silica based media Neutral Alumina columns offer an alternative to silica based media which can be useful in cases where the intrinsic slight acidity of silica results in...
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RediSep® Rf Gold® Amine  

RediSep Rf Gold Amine columns can be used in either normal or reversed phase for the purification of compounds with basic properties. Purification on high-performance...
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RediSep® Rf Gold® Cyano  

RediSep Rf Gold Cyano high performance columns have a cyano bound silica gel that has an intermediate polarity, between that of normal and reversed phase silica gel. This makes them a...
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RediSep® Rf Gold® Diol  

RediSep Rf Gold Diol functionalized silica gel is less polar and has a higher retention time than normal phase silica gel. Diol media offers an alternative to normal phase columns for...
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RediSep® Rf Gold® Reversed Phase C18  

Teledyne Isco’s high performance RediSep Rf Gold C18 columns give you the edge in separating difficult compounds. The reusable columns, packed with high performance C18 derivitized...
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Solid Load Cartridges  

Teledyne Isco Solid Phase Sample Load Cartridges are available either pre-filled with silica gel, or empty, to fill with your own sorbent. Two sizes (5 gram and 25 gram nominal...
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Solid Load Sample Cartridge Dryer  

The Solid Load Cartridge Dryer is a convenient tool for removing solvent from the cartridges after the sample has been loaded. The dryer accommodates 5, 25, and 65 gram size RediSep...
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Type 11 Optical Unit  

Type 11 Optical Unit - For preparative and production LC, and density gradient fractionation. The Type 11 optical unit is supplied with both 254 and 280 nm filters, and uses an...
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UA-6 Detector  

UA-6 is our current version of the detector that has set the standards for researcher-friendly versatility and reliability. The built-in recorder means you always have a way to output...
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