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Phenex Syringe Filters  

Phenex syringe filters are designed for efficient and cost-effective rapid filtration of almost any solution prior to analysis, and are optimized for superior flow rates and highthoughput. ...
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Extraction Thimbles  

Extraction thimbles for routine and critical extractions as well as emission monitoring. Typical applications are fat extractions, extraction of lipids or the separation of minutest...
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Glass Microfibre Thimbles  

Glass microfibre extraction thimbles for critical extractions, such as the separation of minutest particulate matter from dust, aerosols, gas or air streams. The extraction thimbles are...
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Membrane Filters  

Membrane filters in various pore sizes. Choose between cellulose nitrate (CN), cellulose acetate (CA), regenerated cellulose (RC), polyamide (PA), polycarbonate (PC), polyethersulfone...
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MidiCaps filter capsules for the retention of particles and bioburden reduction from liquids, prefiltration of aqueous solutions, air | gas filtration, sterile filtration of biologicals,...
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Evopor™ Membrane  

Provides an ultra-hydrophilic platform for critical process filtration. Evopor™ membrane is a naturally hydrophilic, supported membrane manufactured to provide uniform wet out and...
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Titan Syringe Filters - Validated for HPLC  

Titan2 Syringe filters are fully validated for HPLC! Every batch of every membrane of Titan2 filters is tested for impurities, membrane integrity and strength before they can leave the...
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