Gas Purification

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Gas Clean Filter System  

Reduce the risk of column damage and improve your productivity   Our Gas Clean Filter System provides enhanced gas quality for maximum productivity. Clean gases reduce the risk of column...
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Extraction Thimbles  

Extraction thimbles for routine and critical extractions as well as emission monitoring. Typical applications are fat extractions, extraction of lipids or the separation of minutest...
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Glass Microfibre Thimbles  

Glass microfibre extraction thimbles for critical extractions, such as the separation of minutest particulate matter from dust, aerosols, gas or air streams. The extraction thimbles are...
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MidiCaps filter capsules for the retention of particles and bioburden reduction from liquids, prefiltration of aqueous solutions, air | gas filtration, sterile filtration of biologicals,...
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Quartz Microfibre Filters  

Quartz microfibre filters are especially suited for emission monitoring at temperatures of up to 950 °C and wherever filters of the highest purity are needed. Our quartz microfibre...
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ProWeigh Filters for TSS  

5 out of 5

ProWeigh® filters from Environmental Express are a time-saving, convenient and accurate way to perform Total Suspended Solids. By eliminating all the required filter preparation steps...
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GE Healthcare's GV050/2 Vacuum Filtration Device  

GE Healthcare's GV050/2 vacuum filtration device effectively filters and degasses the mobile phase. In order to maximize column lifetime and minimize equipment downtime, it is...
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