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Pellicon 3 Cassettes  

Advanced, high-performance cassettes ideal for today’s higher titer therapeutic antibodies as well as the more demanding filtration processes require higher operating pressures,...
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Jumbosep™ Centrifugal Devices  

Convenient and reliable concentration, purification, and diafiltration of 20 to 60 mL biological samples with Pall Life Science's Jumbosep Advance Centrifugal Devices Features of the...
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Filter Holders  

Wide variety of filter holders , from stainless steel or glass filter holders to polycarbonate or PTFE syringe filter holders.
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Being the first ever manufacturer of microporous membranes , Sartorius has many decades of experience in membrane formulation as well as in the building of state of the art specific...
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Parchment Papers  

Ideal for analytical weighing of viscous, semi-crystalline or solid substances. Weighing paper, made of transparent smooth parchment. Ideal for analytical weighing of viscous,...
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Vacuum filter holders  

Vacuum filter holders made of glass or polycarbonate for clarification, sterile filtration, sterile venting, particle testing, ultracleaning and degassing solvents and solvent mixtures.
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Remote Blowers & Exhausters  

Labconco blowers are designed and manufactured to give superior performance and long life when subjected to chemical atmospheres. They are offered in sizes that can handle airflow as low...
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Disposable Systems  

Managing the issues of cleaning and cleaning validation is one of the major challenges facing the BioPharmaceutical industry. This has resulted in the use of disposable equipment being the...
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Kleenpak™ Connector  

Convenient and Secure Sterile Connection of 13 mm (1.2 inch) Nominal Tubing The disposable, Kleenpak connector allows for the dry connection of two separate fluid pathways, while...
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Kleenpak™ Connectors  

The single use, Kleenpak™ Connector allows for the simple dry connection of two separate pre-sterilized fluid pathways, while maintaining the sterile integrity of both. The connector...
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Kleenpak™ HT Connector  

For convenient and secure sterile connection of 13 mm (1⁄2 inch) nominal tubing The disposable Kleenpak connector allows for the dry connection of two separate fluid pathways while...
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K—Series Depth Filter Sheets  

With 13 different retention rates, the K series represents the standard depth filter sheet series from Pall. They are classified as microorganism-reducing depth filters. They can produce...
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P-Series Depth Filter Sheets  

P-series depth filter sheets and modules were developed for the strict requirements in biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries. For many years, manufacturing has been carried out and...
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Supracap™ 200 Encapsulated Depth Filter Mod...  

The Supracap 200 depth filter capsule provides all the features and benefits of the Supradisc and Supradisc II modules in a single-use, disposable design.   The advantages of...
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Supracap™ 60 Depth Filter Modules  

The Pall Supracap™ 60 filter capsule is specifically designed for applications where the use of a depth filter with a small surface area and low hold-up volume is critical. Supracap...
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SupraDisc™ Depth Filter Modules  

Module Concept Each module consists of three major components: • Filter cells or lenticles • Tubular • Adapters The individual filter cells comprising two filter media...
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Supradisc™ HP Depth Filter Modules  

High-performance Cell Clarification Depth Filters Pall Supradisc™ HP modules include two; full thickness; graded; high efficiency; depth filter layres in combination. This...
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Tangential Flow Filtration Membrane Cassette Hol...  

Holder Fittings Kits Complete fittings kits consisting of pressure gauges, valves, filtrate manifold, connectors, gaskets and clamps are available for most cassette holders. Ordering a...
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T—Series Depth Filter Sheets  

The T series depth filter sheets from Pall includes 10 different retention rates. Grades T 120 to T 950 are used for clarifying filtration. Due to their positive ZETA potential, these...
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Z—Series Depth Filter Sheets  

Z series depth filters have been developed for applications demanding excellent filtration removal efficiency with maximum filtration throughput. Due to the pronounced positive Zeta...
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4 out of 5

Biocompatible, antibacterial and environmentally friendly polyelectrolyte with a variety of applications including water treatment, chromatography, additives for cosmetics, textile...
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