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Master Serology Kit  

This kit contains all the tools that you will need to collect and preserve serology evidence such as blood, semen, or other body fluids. No more hunting around for the right thing to...
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Presumptive Blood Test  

This presumptive blood test is designed to be a simple, one shot test for the presence of blood. This portable test will fit in your pocket and allows you to test suspect stains without...
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The SALIGaE® test is used to determine the possible presences of trace levels of saliva. In this procedure, a small amount of sample is added to test vials that contain a colorless...
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Seminal Fluid Presumptive Field Test  

When searching scenes or collecting evidence, it is often helpful to perform a presumptive test for the presence of semen on those stains that fluoresce under UV light. The seminal fluid...
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Seminal Fluid Presumptive TMP Test  

The TMP (thymophthalein monophosphate) test is designed to provide a convenient, reliable laboratory test for the presumptive presence of acid phosphatase (semen). It is more sensitive to...
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