Forensic Toxicology Compendium
30 May 2014

From broad based screening methods using Time-of-Flight instruments to focused quantitative methods utilizing LC-MS/MS techniques, Waters provides robust, comprehensive system solutions with compound libraries and informatics to help your laboratory achieve results that deliver the truth. Download this compendium for the latest application notes about toxicology screening, designer drug detection, as well as opioid and drugs of abuse analysis.

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Titan MPS™ Microwave Sample Preparation System: A Reference Notebook of Microwave Applications forensic investigation9 May 2014Read
Precellys Range: Forensic Applications drugs of abuse, sample homogenizer, forensic toxicology30 Apr 2014Read
Drug Analysis in Hair drugs of abuse, forensic toxicology30 Apr 2014Read
Hair Spray on an Individual Hair Fiber forensic investigation24 Apr 2014Read
Forensic Science and Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy raman, forensic investigation21 Aug 2013Read
High-Throughput Genetic Data Gathering from Bone Samples Recovered from an Air Crash DNA extraction, DNA quantification, human identification9 Aug 2013Read
Utilizing the Quantifiler® Duo DNAQuantification Kit as a Guide to Efficient Forensic Evidence Sample Processing DNA quantification, forensic investigation9 Aug 2013Read
The Non-Destructive and In-Situ Identification of Controlled Drugs and Narcotics drugs of abuse, raman, forensic investigation8 Aug 2013Read
Direct PCR Amplification of Buccal Samples on the NUCLEIC-CARD™ COLOR with the AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® Direct PCR Amplification Kit short tandem repeats, forensic investigation24 May 2013Read
Optimized Automation of the DNA IQ® System for Human STR Identification using the Hamilton STARlet® Forensic Workstation DNA extraction, liquid handling workstation, short tandem repeats16 Apr 2013Read

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