World CTC 2013


Demonstrate Clinical Utility. Impact Patient Care.
Critically evaluate the latest CTC technologies fuelling this field and witness first hand case studies demonstrating clinical utility and impacting patient care.

This November circulating cancer biomarker leaders across the globe will convene to share unpublished findings at World CTC Boston providing you with the inside track to the latest developments in the lab and clinic.

With over 200 of the leading academics, clinicians, drug developers, technology providers, and regulators all gathering to tackle the biggest challenges in CTC research, World CTC will give you the knowledge, ideas and tools you need to progress your CTC research faster.

The number of CTC capture technologies entering this rapidly evolving field is increasing. Critical data is being uncovered about the nature of CTCs and their complex role in metastatic cancer. This is facilitating ground breaking advances in culture and in vivo modelling of CTCs.

At World CTC Boston 50+ experts speakers will unveil the latest insights to dramatically improve your approaches to CTC research. To achieve your goal of demonstrating clinical benefit in patients this comprehensive program covers a breadth and depth of topics that means no matter what your challenge, there’s an answer for you at this year’s meeting. Why Attend World CTC?

- Be the first to discover unpublished data from the latest cutting edge CTC culturing research coming out of Mass Gen, Stanford University and Baylor College of Medicine
- Gain the latest insights on advanced molecular characterization techniques to yield untold information about the metastatic process with results from MD Anderson Cancer Centre and Weill, Cornell Medical College
- Understand the dynamic process of EMT and the impact for your CTC research going forward with ground-breaking research from Mass Gen
- Learn how MD Anderson and MIT are pioneering best practises for developing chemosensitivity assays and how you can use this knowledge to better predict treatment responses
- Get unrivalled access to the latest clinical trial results months before they are released and get the unique opportunity to directly quiz the drug developers in our question and answer sessions
- Critically compare and evaluate the latest techniques in capture and characterization with our new live technology demonstrations with all of the most innovative technology providers under one roof
- Make an impact on patient diagnosis and prognosis by learning how to effectively use exosomes, cfDNA, and miRNA with an entire track packed with the latest advances in circulating biomarker research
Organizer: Hanson Wade

12 Nov 2013

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