IBMS Biomedical Science Congress


The Biomedical Science Congress is three full days of active learning in science, education, training, management and leadership. Pick and choose from 250+ presentations, posters, papers, workshops, masterclasses across all disciplines in biomedical science.

This year's Biomedical Science Congress reflects our ever-more interactive relationship with patients ensuring that the programme also reflects the scientific knowledge, technical skills, personal qualities and attitudes critically needed in our changing profession.

It also takes into account that the scientific community within biomedical science is growing to accommodate the roles performed by support workers. The aim of the Biomedical Science Congress is to advance excellence in biomedical science to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of society.

In 9 parallel sessions running simultaneously, the educational content covers topics in all the leading scientific disciplines as well as including a 3-day programme that deals with the key issues in education, training, management and leadership.

In its multi-disciplinary format and major exhibition, Congress brings together the best in science and technology and addresses the role of biomedical scientists in the context of the current policies and best practices that are shaping our profession.

The Biomedical Science Congress is where you will have the chance to meet the people, gain the knowledge and hone the skills you need to meet that challenges that we face in the rapidly-changing healthcare sector.

As well as equipping you for today's world, Congress looks ahead. The programme, exhibition and extensive supporting content offers you the expertise, resource, flexibility and scope to respond to current and future demand.

This is your chance to see the way ahead and take control of your career.

ICC Birmingham
Broad Street
Birmingham, B1 2EA

Organizer: Stepex Ltd

23 Sep 2013