Fast Tracking Orphan Drugs Briefing


The patient is waiting: Innovative new schemes to enable orphan drug fast tracking

In March 2014 the UK Early Access to Medicine Scheme and the EU Adaptive Licensing approach were launched, changing the playing field for fast tracking orphan drugs.

Understanding these schemes is integral to your company's future orphan drug development programmes.

Join Terrapinn in London on the 10th of July at the Fast Tracking Orphan Drugs Briefing to learn how these and other new developments will speed up orphan drug market access.

8 reasons to attend:
1. Assess EU and UK programmes for facilitating faster market access for orphan drugs
2. Discuss the differences between licensing and early access and how they impact your business
3. Identify how PMI status could enhance funding
4. Consider regulatory pathways for orphan products and review how best to succeed within them
5. Examine how these schemes could help you decrease the risk of capital
6. Understand EMA and NICE regulatory framework and use it to your advantage
7. Evaluate the take-off for EMA Adaptive Licensing pilot scheme; is there turbulence ahead?
8. Analyze how Horizon 2020 could be utilized for fast tracking purposes


Organizer: Terrapinn

10 Jul 2014

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