Bioanalytical Methods & Modeling Integration Summit


A groundbreaking event devoted specifically to the challenges facing bioanalytical experts working with new molecular products, ExL Pharma’s inaugural “Bioanalytical Methods & Modeling Integration Summit” focuses on achieving the organizational data-sharing and teamwork necessary for accurate prediction and interpretation of the performance of novel therapeutic proteins.

The variety of bioassays and bioanalytical methods available to bench scientists has never been greater, and many new molecular classes such as bispecific antibodies and fusion proteins – long in the realm of theoretical or preclinical challenges – have at last begun to advance to the clinic and even the consumer market. Because it is more important than ever to accurately predict biologic performance and stratify patients who will respond best to new products, the Bioanalytical Methods & Modeling Integration Summit helps set best practice in the accurate measurement and interpretation of their pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic profiles.

And since regardless of their career stage, all bioanalytical researchers must confront the challenges pertaining to guaranteeing critical reagent stability, sustainability, availability, and quality throughout a prolonged R&D life cycle, we are proud to introduce our exclusive Critical Reagent Thinktank – a “summit within a summit” that focuses the expertise of internationally recognized industry thought leaders in order to synthesize the best methods for managing critical reagents.

The Bioanalytical Methods & Modeling Integration Summit will take place in Baltimore, MD, USA.
Organizer: ExL Pharma

16 Sep 2013

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