2014 BIO International Convention


In 2014 the BIO International Convention moves to San Diego, California. Registration opens January 2014.

Tthe Convention highlights California's vibrant biotechnology industry. Supported by unrivaled amounts of venture capital and NIH funding, California's 2,300+ biomedical companies lead the industry in collaboration and innovation. With more than 1,400 biomedical products in the development pipeline, California offers abundant opportunities, so don't miss out.

Mark your calendar today! June 23-26, 2014 in San Diego.

New in 2014, BIO will be offering two categories of programming – tracks and specialty forums. Make sure your proposal aligns with either category. Tracks and specialty forums are listed below.

2014 Tracks
1. Basic Research and Discovery Track will highlight cutting edge scientific advancements and related efforts in early stage biomedical research, prior to introduction to the clinic.
2. Business Development and Financing Track will focus on corporate deal making and operations, as well as fundraising for private and public companies.
3. Clinical Trials & Product Testing Track will provide a close look at efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the clinical trial enterprise, with particular focus on disruptive innovation and successful multi-stakeholder collaborations.
4. Industrial Bioproducts Track will spotlight developments and breakthroughs in industrial biotechnologies for biopolymer production, renewable chemical platforms and advanced biofuels.
5. Intellectual Property Track highlights current challenges in intellectual property protection for biotech innovations including pragmatic approaches to securing protection in light of the latest judicial and administrative developments.
6. Manufacturing, Distribution, & Operations Track will focus on timely issues, pertinent challenges, and recent developments related to manufacturing and distribution of biopharmaceutical products.
7. Market Access and Commercialization Track will address emerging health policy issues and key developments impacting the market and reimbursement landscape for innovative biopharmaceutical therapies. These submissions will explore the commercial and operational impacts of state and federal policy developments on innovative biopharmaceuticals.
8. Regulatory Review & Approval will spotlight regulatory and legal developments at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and across the globe that will affect biotech companies’ ability to research and develop biopharmaceuticals, successfully bring these products to market, and maintain approval and compliance

2014 Specialty Forums
1. Personalized Medicine & Diagnostics Forum will address the challenges facing the personalized medicine and diagnostic communities and how these communities are changing the landscape of modern healthcare.
2. R/Evolution of Agriculture Technologies Forum: Academic, agricultural, conservation and government stakeholders are invited to engage in forward-looking dialogue regarding the continued evolution of agricultural technologies, their transformative potential for agricultural intensification, climate change mitigation, and environmental conservation, and impacts on regulations and adoption by growers and consumers, both domestic and international.
3. Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics Forum will examine the latest developments in preventive and therapeutic vaccines, as well as national policies and financing mechanisms that affect global business opportunities in this field.
4. Transformational Research Forum (TRF) explores new translational funding, collaboration and licensing models. The forum bring a variety of stakeholders from universities, companies and accelerators in addition to federal, state and foreign governments to network and analyze the latest developments in technology transfer.

San Diego Convention Center
111 West Harbor Drive,
San Diego,
California 92101

Organizer: Biotechnology Industry Organization

23 Jun 2014

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