12th HUPO World Congress


The 12th HUPO World Congress Program will include Plenary Lectures, Parallel Sessions, Poster Sessions, HUPO Initiative Meetings, Workshops, Exhibits, and Luncheon Seminars.

The Pre-congress Days, September 12-14, 2013 will feature a Training Course for young researchers. Fields and topics that would be presented and discussed in this Congress

• Sample preparation
• Affinity purification
• Mass spectrometry
• Quantitative mass spectrometry
• Post-translational modifications
• Phosphoproteomics
• Glycoproteomics and Glycomics
• Organelle proteomics
• Membrane proteomics
• Protein array
• Imaging mass spectrometry
• Bioinformatics
• Stem cells
• iPS
• Cell signaling and systems biology
• Cancer proteomics
• Cardiovascular disease proteomics
• Metabolic disease proteomics
• Infectious disease proteomics
• Neuronal disease proteomics
• Biomarkers
• Animal proteomics
• Plant proteomics
• Microorganism proteomics
• Diagnostic and Therapeutics
• Pharmaco-Toxicology

Pacifico Yokohama

Organizer: HUPO (Human Proteome Organization)

14 Sep 2013

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