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arium® pro Type I Ultra Pure Water Systems  

4 out of 5

arium® pro Type I ultra pure water systems for the production of reagent-grade water needed for critical applications as well as routine analyses. Typical applications are the production...
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  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • After sales service 3 out of 5
  • Value for money 5 out of 5

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Flexel® Single-Use Mixers  
Sartorius Stedim Biotech is providing a dual technology approach for a process based solution offering. Flexel® for LevMixer® 1 with a levitating impeller can ideally be applied for: ...
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Glass Microfibre Filters without Binder  
Glass microfibre filters without binder for clarification of buffer, reagent and protein solutions, air monitoring, as well as gravimetric and wastewater analysis. They can also be used...
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Lab Water System Accessories  
Lab water system accessories. Dispense guns, additional tanks, water guards, conductivity meters or printers - Sartorius offers a broad range of accessories to enhance your daily work...
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Lab Water System Consumables  
Consumables for lab water systems. From softener cartridges over sanitisation kits, ion exchange resins and RO-membranes to upgrade kits you find everything necessary for your daily work...
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Mikro-Dismembrator S  
Mikro-Dismembrator S is a laboratory ball mill for disintegration and homogenization of brittle, frozen or hard materials. With a maximum frequency of 3.000/minit is especially well...
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Quartz Microfibre Thimbles  
Quartz microfibre extraction thimbles , especially suited for emission monitoring. The extraction thimbles are manufactured free of glass fibres and binding agents and are thermally stable...
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Safe-Cone filters  
The unique and replaceable polyethylene (PE) Safe-Cone Filters act as a final barrier to prevent any fluids and liquid vapours from reaching the internal components of the pipette. ...
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Sartobind Aldehyde A4 Sheet  
Sartobind membrane adsorbers are made from regenerated cellulose and have been stabilised for high chemical stability. They are derivatised with conventional coupling ligands to produce...
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Sartobind IEX Membranes  
Sartobind IEX membranes are macroporous cellulose membranes carrying IEX ligands for the separation and purification of proteins. Our membrane adsorbers feature extremely short cycle...
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Type II Pure Water Systems  
Type II pure water systems for the production of ASTM type II water for general laboratory applications. With the combination of reverse osmosis, softening and electronic | chemical...
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Type III Pure Water Systems  
Type III pure water systems for the production of RO-Water for general laboratory applications and for applications requiring large volumes of RO water on demand. The efficient...
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