The accurate measurement of selenium in twelve diverse reference materials using on-line isotope dilution with the 8800 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS in MS/MS mode
31 Oct 2014

While conventional ICP-QMS reaction mode methods are typically applicable to a single, preferred isotope for each analyte, the consistent and reliable removal of multiple matrix interferences by MS/MS on the 8800 can make multiple isotopes available for measurement. This allows the use of isotope dilution (ID) analysis, which is the most accurate quantification technique for ultratrace measurement in high and variable matrix samples. On-line isotope dilution analysis (OIDA) is a very powerful and useful development of traditional isotope dilution, since it removes the time consuming step of spiking enriched-isotope standards into each separate sample. To demonstrate the power of the 8800 in MS/MS mode for accurate, ultratrace Se measurement in a range of different sample types, OIDA was used to quantify Se in a range of certified reference materials (CRMs).

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