Determination of Uronic Acids and Wood Sugars in Wood-Based Hydrolysates
24 Oct 2014

This application note presents the analysis of wood hydrolysate samples in order to determine wood sugars and uronic acids using the Dionex CarboPac PA20 and PA200 columns. A single method - Method 1, which uses the Dionex CarboPac PA20 column - can be used for the simultaneous determination of mono- and disaccharides and uronic acids. However, Method 1 has a long run time and multiple dilutions of samples must be analyzed to quantify all the analytes. In contrast, the Dionex CarboPac PA200 column is specially designed to provide high-resolution separation of charged and neutral oligosaccharides and is appropriate for analysis of the charged uronic acids. Method 2 uses the Dionex CarboPac PA200 column to determine uronic acids, and can be paired with a fast (<10 min) method using the Dionex CarboPac SA10 column to determine mono and disaccharides as an alternative to Method 1.

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