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GL SPECTIS 5.0 Touch  

The GL SPECTIS 5.0 touch is a new compact-size laboratory grade spectrometer from GL Optic. Using this state-of-the-art instrument you can quickly gather UV-Vis-IR light measurement data...
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Telemetry Weather Station  

The Davis Remote Next G / 3G Telemetry Station sends it's weather data via the Next G / 3G network to a web server where the data is stored in a MySQL data base. The stored data can be...
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Lux sensor LS  

Sensor for indoor and outdoor light intensity measurements. The sensor uses a silicon photovoltaic cell and is sensitive for wavelengths between 400 and 1100 nm.
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Max 40 Anemometers  

The standard MAX 40 anemometer has proven to be a rugged, reliable and highly accurate anemometer. Professional quality at a minimum price. Its low moment of inertia and unique bearings...
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Meteo M&R rain detector RSA  

The RSA is a rain sensor with a processor controlled relay contact and surface temperature control and is ideal for climate control systems such as sun blinds and greenhouse automation. ...
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Net radiation sensor RA01  

RA01 is a 2-component radiation sensor that is used for scientific-grade energy balance studies. The instrument has separate measurements of solar (Short Wave or SW) and Far Infra-Red (Long...
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Rain gauge Hellmann  

Rain gauge with 200 cm² circular collecting area (WMO standard), made of stainless steel. The instrument consists of: 1 upper part with limiter ring, 1 lower part, 1 collecting can, 1...
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Rotronic HygroPalm21-22  

Features Easy to read display Integral or interchangable probe Tried-and-tested housing With AirChip3000-technology The HygroPalm2-series is the latest development in...
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Setra 270  

Known worldwide for its consistent reliability and outstanding performance (±0.05% FS accuracy), the Model 270 has been used in applications such as Weather Monitoring, Avionics Systems,...
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RC612 Mulitphase Carbon and Hydrogen/Moisture  

This state-of-the-art instrument determines various forms of carbon while accurately determining hydrogen/moisture content in a wide variety of organic/inorganic materials. A small...
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