Soil Testing

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Density Meter DS7800  

The DS7800 Digital Density Meter measures density, specific gravity and concentration of liquid solutions within the range of 0.0000 - 1.9999 g/cm³. The measurement is based on the...
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FastPrep® purification kits  

FastPrep® isolation and purification kits deliver high quality DNA, RNA, and proteins, ready to use in any downstream application. Yields and processing times are greatly enhanced...
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Q-sep™ QuEChERS Tubes  

Q-sep™ QuEChERS Tubes for Pesticide Residue Analysis • Fast, simple sample extraction and cleanup using dSPE.  • Fourfold increases in sample throughput.  • Fourfold decreases in...
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QUECHERS – SiliaQuick™  

There is a growing need for applications in food and environmental areas able to cope with the analysis of a large number of analytes in very complex matrices. New analytical procedures...
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