Electrophoresis Membranes


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G:BOX Chemi XRQ - Fluorescence & Chemiluminescen...  

Gel imaging for fluorescence and chemiluminescence applications The G:BOX Chemi XRQ gel doc system is the replacement for the G:BOX Chemi XR5. The new XRQ features a next generation CCD...
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Immobilon Transfer Membranes, Sandwiches, and Bl...  

EMD Millipore offers three different Immobilon PVDF membranes, each optimized for different protein blotting applications. We also now offer blotting sandwiches that feature pre-cut sheets...
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Sure Blot® CHEMI™ Hybridization & Detection Kit  

CHEMICON's Sure Blot® CHEMI™ Hybridization & Detection Kit is designed to provide high quality, non-radioactive detection of digoxigenin-labeled DNA probes hybridized to Sure Blot® Nylon...
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Sure Blot® Nylon Membrane - Roll  

Sure Blot® Hybridization Membrane is a positively charged nylon membrane for rapid ionic bonding of nucleic acids. Due to its high nucleic acid retention capacity, Sure Blot® can be...
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Immun–Blot® PVDF Membrane (162-0177)  

5 out of 5

Pkg of 1 roll, 0.2 μm, 26 cm x 3.3 m, bulk membrane for high binding (150–160 μg/cm2) immunoblotting Immun-Blot PVDF membrane is ideal for chemiluminescent and colorimetric western...
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G:BOX Chemi XX9  

G:BOX Chemi XX9 - gel imaging for fluorescence and chemiluminescence For high performance imaging, the new generation of G:BOX Chemi systems provide the user with an extended...
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JC-1 Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Dye 5 mg  

JC-1 is a membrane permeable dye widely used for determining mitochondrial membrane potential in flow cytometry and fluorescent microscopy. This dye can selectively enter the mitochondria...
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Amersham Hybond™ ECL (20 × 20cm)  

Amersham Hybond ECL gives excellent sensitivity, resolution, and low background for all labeling and detection systems (radioactive, nonradioactive, and chromogenic), especially when used...
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Amersham Hybond-LFP (20 × 20cm)  

strong>Amersham Hybond-LFP is a low fluorescent PVDF membrane optimized for fluorescent Western blotting applications. Features •Much lower background fluorescence than other...
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Amersham™ Hybond SEQ PVDF Membranes  

Amersham Hybond SEQ (formally Whatman™ Westran™ PVDF) (Polyvinylidine Fluoride) membranes designed for use for protein sequencing applications. Amersham Hybond SEQ PVDF is a 0.2 µm pore...
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Amersham™ Protran Nitrocellulose Membranes  

Amersham Protran™ (formally Whatman Protran) nitrocellulose (NC) membranes are the most frequently specified transfer media in the world for a wide range of applications. Protran membranes...
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Colony Plaque Screen Charged Membrane Disks  

Colony/Plaque Screen™ Neutral Nylon Membranes are discs of GeneScreen™ membrane, precut for use in plaque hybridization protocols and bacterial colony screenings, with chemiluminescent or...
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Colony Plaque Screen Neutral Membrane Disks  

These disks of GeneScreen membrane are precut for use in plaque hybridization protocols and bacterial colony screenings. Able to withstand rough treatment, they won't shrink, crack,...
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GeneScreen Neutral  

Choose GeneScreen Neutral Nylon Membranes for: Chemiluminescent and chromogenic techniques Lower background in chemiluminescent and chromogenic systems Quick crosslinking - only two...
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GeneScreen Plus  

GeneScreen Plus Charged Nylon Membranes are the the best choice for radiometric techniques. The positive charge creates a very strong bond, so there is no need to fix nucleic acids to the...
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