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TV Range Gel Multicasters  

For fast, leak-free casting of multiple gradient gels Scie-Plas now offers 2- and 10-gel multicasters for use with its 10 x 10cm (W x H) TV100 mini-gel, 20.5 x 10cm TV200 wide format...
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Vacuubrand® gel pump  

For efficient gel drying with the GD-4534 and GD-5040 units The Vacuubrand ® MZ 2C + 2 AK is a quiet, low maintenance, oil-free diaphragm pump that supplies the low vacuum necessary...
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Electro-Fast Electrophoresis system  

Thermo-Fast Electro-Fast® Gel Systems are ideal for high throughput electrophoresis of PCR products or samples containing a small number of DNA species. When used to its full capacity,...
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Pierce Protein Gels  

Thermo Scientific Pierce Protein Gels have long shelf life and assured reproducibility of protein migration pattern. Used with the Tris-HEPES running buffer, these durable precast Pierce...
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Protein Pre-Cast Gels  

5 out of 5

Precise Protein Gels are cast in a durable plastic cassette using a neutral pH buffer that prevents polyacrylamide breakdown and results in a long shelf life. High-resolution staining and...
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Dams-Claws for GES Horizontal Electrophoresis Sy...  

Easily attached to the GES tray to create a leak-free space for agarose gel casting
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Dams-Claws for miniGES Horizontal Electrophoresi...  

Easily attached to the miniGES-tray to create a leak-free space for agarose gel casting.
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GES Horizontal Electrophoresis Package (10 x 15 ...  

GES is an all-inclusive complete system for problem-free horizontal electrophoresis of agarose gels. The GES cell is accompanied by either 7 x 15 cm, 10 x 15 or 15 x 15 cm UV-transparent...
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miniGES Horizontal Electrophoresis System (10 x ...  

Mini-GES is a complete system for hassle-free horizontal electrophoresis of mini-gels. The miniGES cell is accompanied by either 10 x 7cm or 6.5 x 7 cm UV-trasnparent trays, one 10 x 1.0 mm...
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