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SelectScience Opens Nominations for Best New General Lab Product of the Year 2011 scientists choice awards25 Jan 2012Read
NanoSight nanoparticle detection technique contributes to virus production to counter MRSA11 Dec 2011Read
Nanomanipulators for Scanning Electron Microscopy10 Nov 2011Read
SelectScience Webinar Now Available On-Demand: Understand High Purity Water Needs, Exclusively for France, Germany and the UK28 Oct 2011Read
MetaMorph® NX Software Module from Molecular Devices Sheds New Light on Multidimensional Datasets from the Inside Out data visualisation6 Oct 2011Read
An Optical Multiplexer to add Spectra and Imaging to your Microscope4 Oct 2011Read
Pittcon Launches Laboratory News and Video Service6 Sep 2011Read
New Ion Milling system for SEM Sample Prep2 Sep 2011Read
Leica Microsystems Release New Super-Resolution Microscope System26 Aug 2011Read
Use of New Microscope Technology to Improve Art Analysis12 Aug 2011Read

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