Editorial Article: Meet the Spectrophotometer That’s Winning Scientists Over

DeNovix Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer earns accolades from scientists

20 Apr 2017

Imagine that the tube in your hand holds a sample that was once cherished by Charles Darwin himself. This rare, highly-valued sample, youre told, has very low concentrations of DNAof the order of 1 nanogram. 

When the stakes are high, the reliability of a spectrophotometer becomes paramount.

That’s Dr. Alejandra Perotti’s project at the University of Reading, where she studies the co-evolution between humans and ectoparasites (e.g. mites and lice). Her lab taps into an ancient collection that was started 200 years ago—and was once in Darwin’s possession. “One mite can hold something like 1 nanogram of DNA. One mite specimen!” notes Perotti. “The amount of DNA you obtain is so little that you need to use sensitive equipment.”

For highly sensitive DNA measurements from small starting concentrations, Perotti has relied on the DeNovix DS-11 FX+ Spectrophotometer / Fluorometer, as she mentions in the video below.

Dr. Perotti from the University of Reading works with ectoparasites such as mites, and is challenged with very small concentrations of DNA everyday.


In fact, recently, life scientists from around the world shared their views about the DS-11 FX+ on SelectScience, placing it as the winner of the coveted Reviewers’ Choice Award™– Life Sciences Product the Year 2017.

Expect accurate and reliable measurements

An expectation for nucleic acid measurements across a diverse range of applications, from routine genotyping all the way to preclinical next generation sequencing, is accurate quantification. Moreover, the use of smaller sample volumes—as low as 0.5–1µL—without compromising on readout sensitivity allows the precious sample to serve future experiments or replications. The high-quality data and accuracy of measurements offered by the DS-11 FX+ remains the topic of many appreciative reviews:

DeNovix’s DS-11 FX+ uses a short path length of 0.5mm.

The BridgeTesting® Technology has your back

In conventional spectrophotometers, the heart-sinking message: “ERROR!” during quantification can be typically attributed to the pathlength used by the spectrophotometer—the distance between the bottom surface where your sample drop sits, and the top cover that you set down before measurements. The liquid bead forms a “bridge” between the two surfaces, along which absorbance is measured. The shorter the pathlength, the higher the concentration of sample that can be measured. The DS-11 FX+ automatically compresses the sample to pathlengths between 0.5 mm and 0.02 mm to ensure the optimum distance for every sample using a unique combination of opto-mechanical design and proprietary algorithms. Unlike conventional microvolume spectrophotometers, the pathlength would never need costly recalibration. If the sample didn’t load properly and the bridge doesn’t form, the system is backed by the proprietary BridgeTesting® Technology that intuitively compensates to ensure accurate results, with no action required on your part.


Takes up less space on the lab bench

Another much-appreciated feature of the DS-11 FX+ that emerges in the reviews is its small footprint and compact structure. The spectrophotometer / fluorometer works double-duty so you don’t have to. The DeNovix system replaces two separate lab instruments and consolidates them into one unit. Plus, the user interface functions without the need for a computer screen and easily connects to the internet using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The compact DS-11 FX+ helps labs eliminate clutter and streamline data handling. Here’s what a few scientists had to say:


Get more resolution for your measurements

In addition to absorbance, the DS-11 FX+ also provides a platform for fluorescence measurements. In fluorometric quantitation of nucleic acids and proteins, a fluorescent dye binds specifically to the target—DNA, RNA or protein—and yields precise results that exclude degraded samples and contaminants. The fluorometric feature of the DS-11 FX+ comes in handy, as Dr. Perotti mentions, “for more resolution when we have very little DNA,” for example, even when examining the egg of a tiny mite specimen.


From the creators of DS-11 FX+

In response to receiving the prestigious Reviewers’ Choice Award™– Life Sciences Product the Year 2017, Kevin Kelley, Business Director of DeNovix Inc., thanks his team: “The number of five-star ratings we receive across all the review categories is testament to the dedication and experience of all members of the team we have here at DeNovix and their drive to support our customers.” 

(Left) The DeNovix team at the awards ceremony with the Reviewers’ Choice Award™– Life Sciences Product the Year 2017. (Right) A close-up of the prestigious award. Courtesy of DeNovix.


The CEO of DeNovix, Fred Kielhorn summarizes, “Our mission at DeNovix has always been to provide scientists with innovative products that accelerate their work while providing a user experience and level of support that exceeds their expectations.” 


The DS-11 FX+ not only functions as a smart, intuitive award-winning lab companion but also integrates cutting-edge technology with modern design. The once traditional lab spectrophotometer has now spruced up in bold, confident colors such as Brazilian Blue, Fire Red, Tungsten Silver and even a special edition pink. It’s a definite sign that change is upon us.