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DropSense96® content analysis platform  
The Trinean DropSense96® is a multi-functional platform for quick and precise UV/VIS analysis and dye-free quantification and content QC of micro-volume biosamples. The DropSense96®...
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Xpose - Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer  
The Xpose is a compact, benchtop spectrophotometer for high-speed quantification of DNA, RNA or protein samples. Using its microfluidic slides, 1 to 16 micro-volume samples (2 µl) can...
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DropQuant® User Software  
The DropSense 96 comes with the DropQuant Software with special features for quick and easy DNA/RNA quantification or for determining labeling efficiency. Multiple samples in the...
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cDrop User Software  
The Trinean Proprietary cDrop Software is a new analytical software package, designed as an add-on to the DropQuant software. It is breakthrough technology that exploits the full...
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DropPlates-D+ (16/96)  
DropPlates D+ are designed to have a wide dynamic range, with 2 separate measuring chambers per sample.   Benefits: • Extended OD range 0.1-200 OD. • 2 µl sample volume. •...
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DropPlate-S (16/96)  
The Trinean DropPlate-S 16/96 chip was designed for use with the DropSense96. A single DropPlate chip contains 16 input reservoirs for sample storage and fixed pathlength measurement...
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DropQuant CFR  
DropQuant CFR is a new software package, based on DropQuant 1.2, allowing customers to integrate the DropSense platform, in CFR21 part 11 compliant systems. The measurement data is...
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