Sequencing Size Markers


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Klenow Fill-In Kit  

The Klenow Fill-In Kit includes predigested DNA that can be used as a control.  Perform partial fill-in reactions to prepare genomic DNA for insertion into the Lambda FIX II vector ...
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miRNA Detection   

MiRNA Specific Forward Primers ...
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SPRIselect Reagent Kit for DNA Size Selection  

SPRIselect is a SPRI-based chemistry that speeds and simplifies nucleic acid size selection for fragment library preparation for Next Generation sequencing. In this process, size...
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DNA Markers for Gel Electrophoresis  

Axygen DNA Markers for Gel Electrophoresis - Two Ready-to-Use DNA Size Markers for Gel Electrophoresis. The 100 bp Ladder and 1 Kb Ladder represent the two most popular markers...
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