Delta Filter™ Technology: Security and Protection with Industry’s First Aerosol Barrier Pipette Tip with Color-Change Visual Alert
15 March 2016

This application note provides an overview of data generated from a comprehensive study conducted by MRIGlobal. The study design consisted of two parts: a rigorous cross-brand analysis of aerosol blocking efficiency down to nanoparticle levels, and an inhibition and enhancement study of Delta Filter™. Within the past two decades, the use of aerosol barrier pipette tips has become a best practice in protocols utilizing PCR amplification. Though generally highly effective, errors in pipetting such as overdraws and splash, can challenge even the most robust filter. Failure to quickly verify filter efficacy can lead to costly contamination issues including failed assays, tedious clean-up of pre-PCR workspaces and, at worst, shut down of operations. Delta Filter™ incorporates a chemically inert, color change compound which not only traps aerosols and absorbs liquids, but turns blue upon contact with contaminants. This feature safeguards critical assays with instant visual detection, and also helps to identify technician pipetting errors and reagent issues such as foaming.