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Aluminum Block Valves   

Low-cost, compact, reliable valves for rough to high vacuum  Agilent's low-cost, compact, and reliable valves are used in rough to high vacuum applications for semiconductor...
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Electromagnetic Block Valves  

Economical, robust and fast-closing workhorses  Agilent direct acting Electromagnetic Block Valves eliminate the need for compressed air in a wide variety of vacuum applications. These...
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GateKeeper Aluminum Gate Valves   

Economical, reliable vacuum shut-off devices    Agilent GateKeeper Series Aluminum Gate Valves provide a low-cost, low-particle, low profile means of isolating a high vacuum pump, and are...
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HTS and HTC PAL Valve Supplies  

HTS and HTC PAL Valve Supplies   To better serve Agilent instrument users who choose CTC Analytics autosamplers for high-throughput and flexible sample introduction, Agilent has partnered...
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Stainless Steel Block Valves  

Low-cost, compact and reliable  Agilents low-cost, compact, and reliable stainless steel valves are used for applications in semiconductor manufacturing, R&D, and industrial vacuum...
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Stainless Steel Metal Bonnet Sealed Tube Valves   

Reliable seals for ultra-high vacuum  Agilent Stainless Steel Metal Bonnet Sealed Tube Valves are the choice wherever reliable elastomer seals are required for ultra-high vacuum systems.
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UHV All-Metal Valves  

For High Temperature Ultra-High Vacuum Systems  Agilent All-Metal Ultra High Vacuum valves are specially designed for use in ultra-high vacuum systems where bake-out temperatures up to...
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Vacuum Pump Isolation Valves   

Protection for Your Vacuum System  Agilent Vacuum Pump Isolation Valves (VPI) are electrically connected in parallel with the mechanical pump, and close rapidly when power is interrupted...
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Variable Leak Valves  

A Seal Free From Friction, Seizing And Sheer    The Agilent Variable Leak Valve includes a movable piston with an optically flat sapphire that meets a captured metal gasket. This forms a...
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4 Lee mini Valves with bracket and cables  

Four 12V DC, two-way solenoid Lee mini valves mounted in a ringstand-ready metal case. Equipped with 1/16" hose barb fittings, each valve includes an indicator LED. Valves include 5' long...
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4 Pinch Valves with bracket and cables  

Four 12V DC, two-way, solenoid, pinch, isolation valves mounted in a ringstand-ready metal case. Each valve includes a short piece of silicon 1/16" o.d., 1/32" i.d. pinch valve tubing, and...
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4 Teflon™ Valves with bracket and cables  

Four 12V DC, two-way solenoid Teflon™ isolation valves mounted in a ringstand-ready metal case. Normally equipped with 1/8" hose barb inflow fittings and 1/16" outflow hose barb...
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Solenoid valves  

Solenoid valves ...for a multitude of applications. Solenoid valves for fluid and gaseous media, aggressive or neutral, applicable in various ranges of temperature and pressure.
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2- & 3-way angle, vent, through valves  

2-way, 50 psi manual valve  

3-way, 50 psi manual valve  

Column bleed valve, 50 psi  

New Ultra Miniature Latching Solenoid Valve  

The Lee Company’s new miniature magnetic latching solenoid valves are designed on the 3-way HDI (High Density Interface) platform and optimized for applications that demand ultra-low power,...
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Rotary Valves for Syringe Pumps  

5 out of 5

TriContinent rotary valves have been specifically developed to provide unsurpassed life and reliability in instrument applications using syringe pumps. There are no other rotary valves...
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