Stainless Steel

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Freezer Racks  

CBS Freezer Racks supplies upright freezer racks, chest freezer racks, liquid nitrogen freezer racks, canisters/cassettes, frames, cryo boxes and dividers. By understanding the needs of...
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1-Well Racks  

Keep single tubes upright in confined spaces Select among our three one-well racks--epoxy-coated steel wire racks, friction-fit polystyrene racks, or interlocking polypropylene racks. ...
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Grab Rack™ and Grab Rack™ Plus  

Grab Rack™ and Grab Rack™ Plus Two racks feature silicon grips to hold tubes in place Turn the rack over and the tubes will not fall out! Great for unloading contents while tubes...
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Large Volume Wire Racks for 16 mm Tubes  

Hold up to 72 or 108 tubes Chemical-resistant, epoxy-coated steel racks feature a slotted bottom and reinforced edges. Tubes sit securely in the square holes and the middle rung provides...
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Standard Freezer Racks  

Offering a variety of racks to safely store samples in your freezer Choose from a wide selection of steel racks for upright and chest freezers. All racks are corrosion-resistant...
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Wire Racks for 15 mL and 50 mL Tubes  

Sturdy racks for transport or storage These chemical-resistant, epoxy-coated steel wire racks have a slotted bottom for better drainage and handling. Ideal for conical centrifuge tubes...
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A wide range of high quality laboratory metalware, manufactured from aluminium, 304 spec stainless steel, nickel 201 and zirconium. Selected ranges also available with PTFE coating. ...
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Preciso glassware and consumables  


Pipette Controllers Offer Perfect Combination of Speed & Fine Dosing