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Agilent Feedthroughs  

Vacuum Components    Agilent feedthroughs provide reliable, leak-free performance in high and ultra-high vacuum systems. Large, sturdy ceramic-to-metal seals assure maximum strength and...
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Sealants, Greases & Lubricants  

Vacuum Supplies   Agilent offers a range of sealants, greases and lubricants to meet the demanding needs of your vacuum hardware, including: Torr Seal Low Vapor Pressure Resin Sealant ...
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Empore™ Accessory Sealing Tape Pad for 96 Well P...  

Empore TM Tape Pads are intended for sealing unused portions of a 96-well solid phase extraction plate during vacuum processing to enable vacuum to be uniformly applied to each well...
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Whether it's a beaker or an Erlenmeyer flask, a weighing bottle or a graduated cylinder - the stretchable PARAFILM®M Sealing Film always fits. PARAFILM®M stretches up to 200% and clings...
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Parafilm® Sealing Film  

5 out of 5

Parafilm® Sealing Film - Colorless, moisture-proof film molds to surface Stretch film tight to seal beakers, flasks, tubes, and Petri dishes. Order a dispenser separately above. ...
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