Laboratory Cleaning


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Extran® NTA-Free Cleaning Agents  

Same premium quality, but NTA free: our three new premium Extran® cleaning agents complement our NTA-free Extran® portfolio. Thorough cleaning is essential for accurate scientific work.
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Decontaminant Microsol3+ Concentrate 5L pk1 MIC-...  

Microsol3Plus 5L Concentrate Disinfectant Dilute 1:10 for use. The product is environmentally safe has low toxicity and is non-corrosive.
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Disinfectant Tablets Virkon Tub 330012  

Tub containing 10/50 Virkon Disinfecting Tablets (5g each). Independent proven efficacy against bacteria over 200 viruses spores and fungi. Sold individually.
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Disinfectant Virkon Drum 5kg 330003  

Virkon Drum containing 5kg of Virkon Disinfecting Powder. Independent proven efficacy against bacteria over 200 viruses spores and fungi. Sold individually. Ideal for big labs.
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Disinfectant Virkon Sachets 50g/500G 330001  

Virkon sachets containing 50g of Virkon Disinfecting Powder each. Independent proven efficacy against bacteria over 200 viruses spores and fungi. Sold in convenient format of 50 sachets.
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Empty Spray Bottle with Labels for Virkon 290012  

Virkon 500mL Empty Spray Bottle and Labels. Ideal for storage of both dissolved in water Virkon Disinfecting Tablets and Virkon Disinfecting Powder. Sold individually.
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VIRKON Tablets  

The Ultimate High Level Surface Disinfectant VIRKON is dissolved in water for use, providing a safe working solution with a faint lemon odour. It has proven efficacy against bacteria...
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GE Healthcare's Benchkote and Benchkote  

GE Healthcare's Benchkote and Benchkote Plus Benchkote is an absorbent, impermeable material designed to protect laboratory surfaces against hazardous spills. The paper side quickly...
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Automated Deionizing Air Knife Plate Cleaner MicroBlast is an integratable high-throughput device for cleaning labware with a deionizing blast of air. MicroBlast can even clean lidded...
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5 out of 5

KIMTECH SCIENCE* KIMWIPES® Wipers are a versatile option for delicate tasks such as laboratory cleaning, surface/parts cleaning, instrument cleaning and lens cleaning. KIMTECH SCIENCE*...
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  • After sales service 5 out of 5
  • Value for money 5 out of 5

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AbSolve™ Glassware Cleaner  

ABSOLVE Glassware Cleaner easily and inexpensively removes serious RNase or DNA contamination (autoclaving does not destroy DNA). Simply soak plastic and glassware in a 2% solution for 30...
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COUNT-OFF™ Liquid Concentrate  

Ideal, All-Purpose Decontaminant COUNT-OFF Liquid Concentrate quickly and effectively cleans up even the most persistant leftovers, including: Radioactive residues ...
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COUNT-OFF™ Surface Cleaner  

A safety essential, COUNT-OFF Surface Cleaner makes quick work of decontaminating small radioactive spills. Traps and suspends radioactive particles in foam, making cleanup easy...
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