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Scienceware® Frigimat® Cub Dry Ice Maker  

The Scienceware® Frigimat® Cub Dry Ice Maker, catalog no. F38874-0000, is an economical block dry ice maker for on-demand use. This compact device saves the time and expense of...
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Scienceware® Economy Frigimat® Dry Ice Maker  

Low-Density Polyethylene Chamber for Molding Dry Ice Eliminate the need to buy large quantities of dry ice when only a little is needed with the Scienceware® Economy Frigimat® Dry Ice...
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AF Series Ice Flaker  

THE COMPLETE PACKAGE - Prices Include Delivery, Installation, 2 Year Warranty and Pre-Purchase Site Inspection CFS - Co-Axial-ice System Static evaporators just cannot cope...
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Pipette Controllers Offer Perfect Combination of Speed & Fine Dosing