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Priorclave Warranty and Calibration Services  

All Priorclave autoclaves carry one of the most supportive Service and Warranty agreements available - made possible due to quality precision build standards combined with using the very...
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Agilent Lab Resource Management   

Optimized lab-wide service with Lab Resource Management   Agilent Lab Resource Management (LRM) is a tailored lab-wide service program designed to improve the efficiency of laboratory...
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Agilent Remote Advisor   

Real-time support and reporting for Agilent instruments   Agilent Remote Advisor, formerly called Agilent Intelligent Services, adds the power of remote instrument monitoring and...
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Agilent Service Center Repair Services   

Expert off-site repair services in Agilent Field Service Centers   Agilent Service Center Repair services provide cost-effective off-site repairs for Agilent modules and systems in our...
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Technical Support  

Frequently Asked Questions, NMR Software Corner, Downloads and Utilities, Installation and Maintenance Videos, Software Familiarization Videos, Parts Information, Warranty Information,...
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Cell Technology - Services  

Service for life Periodically inspection and preventive maintenance of your cell manipulation instruments ensure that they are consistently operating at peak performance and are ready...
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epMotion® 5070 and epMotion® 5075 Services  

epMotion® 5070/5075 Performance Plans Preventive maintenance is a schedule of planned service, designed to check your system and preserve its maximum- performance quality. Preventive...
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Mastercycler® ep realplex Services  

Mastercycler® ep realplex Performance Plans The principles of real-time PCR are based upon a very limited tolerance for uncontrolled variables. Eppendorf helps to ensure continually...
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Temperature control & Mixing Service  

Eppendorf Temperature Control & Mixing Service: We care for your samples The right heating, cooling and mixing conditions are made very easy with our MixMate, Thermo- Stat plus and...
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Service & Calibration  

Alpha Laboratories offer a Mail-in calibration service, which is conducted in state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled laboratories by the gravimetric method using balances of the...
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PCS® Pipette Calibration System  

5 out of 5

The ARTEL PCS® is an easy-to-use, universal system for calibrating and verifying the volume dispensed from a single channel pipette. Everything you need to transition to a...
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  • Ease of use 4 out of 5
  • After sales service 5 out of 5
  • Value for money 5 out of 5

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Validation of laboratory Equipment  

Validation service for lab equipment. Autoclaves, Freezers, Cold rooms, incubators etc. Documentation in line with GMP/GLP guidelines.
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The Preventive Maintenance and Calibration (PMC)...  

The Preventive Maintenance and Calibration (PMC) Software Application The Preventive Maintenance and Calibration (PMC) Software Application is a software application...
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OneSource Instrument Services  

Consolidating your laboratory services with one provider makes excellent business sense. You get one service contract instead of 20 or more for your instruments. You can locate any piece of...
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Equipment Validation/Calibration  

TechniVal can supply calibration, validation and preventative maintenance Contract services of the following: § Centrifuges § Autoclaves § Incubators / Stability Cabinets...
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Medical Refigeration  

This range of medical grade refrigeration comes with: door locking device, forced-air refrigeration system for temperature uniformity and stability throughout the interior, CFC- and...
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