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What Does 'the Cloud' Mean for Healthcare and Clinical Labs? cloud computing18 Aug 2014Read
LabVantage Announces Dates and Venue for CTEC 2014 laboratory management, training, lims25 Mar 2014Read
Johnson Controls Launches Enhanced Integrated Laboratory Services to Optimize R&D Facility Operations and Drive Scientific Productivity pittcon4 Mar 2014Read
Camargo Invests in High-Level IT System to Increase Accessibility and Preserve Client Data clinical study14 Feb 2014Read
Alpha Laboratories Launches New Dedicated Website for Rapid Pathogen ID pathogen detection, sepsis12 Feb 2014Read
Touchscreen Provides Easier Access to Reagents and Protocols Through Promega Helix™ Smart Stocking Program laboratory management7 Feb 2014Read
Tosoh Bioscience Announces New Mobile Application for Chromatography Calculations chromatography22 Jan 2014Read
SGX Sensortech Releases Free X-ray Transition Energies App for Smartphone or Tablet X ray source17 Jan 2014Read
Society for Neuroscience to Launch New Open Access, Online Journal for Emerging Brain Research neuroscience, neurobiology17 Jan 2014Read
Figshare Launches Premium Version with Private Collaborative Spaces and Increased Private Cloud Storage research & development26 Dec 2013Read

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