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KINASet Library  

This kinase library is a computationally selected collection of 11,000 compounds utilizing a ligand-based pharmacophore selection method. This method selects compounds that have...
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ASINEX Pre-Formatted Library  

Are you looking for an immediate boost to your compound collection? If so, then ASINEX's Pre-Formatted libraries (9000 & 14240 small molecule compounds) could be what you are looking for.
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This CNS Library is a collection of 56,000 druglike, small molecule compounds, selected with medicinal chemistry expertise. Computational analysis of CNS-Set includes Polar Surface Area,...
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DIVERSet Screening Library  

A "universally" diverse collection of 50,000 drug-like small molecules. The chemical library is rationally selected based on 3D pharmacophore analysis to cover the broadest part of...
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EXPRESS-Pick™ Screening Library  

The EXPRESS-Pick small molecule screening library is a collection of 450,000 quality verified, druglike, diverse, small molecule compounds, available for your custom selection. These...
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