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SynStats Statistical Module  

SynStats is a new generation statistical module designed to make the analysis of results simple and easy to use and interpret. The SynStats module fits seamlessly alongside the...
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KINASet Library  

This kinase library is a computationally selected collection of 11,000 compounds utilizing a ligand-based pharmacophore selection method. This method selects compounds that have...
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VLifeMDS Molecular Design Suite  

VLifeMDS (Molecular Design Suite), is a computational chemist’s workbench for computer aided drug design (CADD) and molecule discovery. MDS comes with seamless integration to GQSAR, (Group...
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Sample Administration System (SAS)  

The REMP Sample Administration System provides a comprehensive software package to administer sample libraries and conveniently execute the processes associated with the usage and...
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ASINEX Pre-Formatted Library  

Are you looking for an immediate boost to your compound collection? If so, then ASINEX's Pre-Formatted libraries (9000 & 14240 small molecule compounds) could be what you are looking for.
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This CNS Library is a collection of 56,000 druglike, small molecule compounds, selected with medicinal chemistry expertise. Computational analysis of CNS-Set includes Polar Surface Area,...
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DIVERSet Screening Library  

A "universally" diverse collection of 50,000 drug-like small molecules. The chemical library is rationally selected based on 3D pharmacophore analysis to cover the broadest part of...
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EXPRESS-Pick™ Screening Library  

The EXPRESS-Pick small molecule screening library is a collection of 450,000 quality verified, druglike, diverse, small molecule compounds, available for your custom selection. These...
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SciFinder - Online Scientific Literature Search  

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CAS SciFinder -  The First Choice With SciFinder from CAS, you can increase your productivity and achieve faster breakthroughs Advancing the pace of research, Chemical...
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STN - Online Scientific Database Literature and ...  

STN is an online database service that provides global access to published research, journal literature, patents, structures, sequences, properties, and other data. 
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StarDrop 5 - Drug Discovery Software  

StarDrop is a suite of software that helps you to deliver optimally balanced, effective drugs - fast StarDrop works by evaluating complex data, which is often uncertain because of...
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LibraryView™ Software  

LibraryView™ Software is a fast way to analyze large volumes of data for contaminant screening applications. This unique MS/MS software solution offers accurate, efficient library...
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Maybridge Screening Collection  

The Maybridge Screening collection consists of over 53,000 organic compounds, largely produced by us at Maybridge. These are individually designed compounds, produced by innovative...
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