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SelectScience is pleased to congratulate the following winners of recent competitions and prize drawings.

$400 Amazon voucher winner from the Reviews Competition May 2017

Jay Ye, Process Development Group Lead, Roche Santa Clara, USA
“It is an honor to receive the award from SelectScience when evaluating the biomedical instruments and products. Thanks to SelectScience for providing this opportunity to connect scientists to the manufacturers to improve the quality of the products”

Fortnum and Mason Easter basket winner from the Reviews Competition April 2017

JinChun Sun, Research Scientist, FDA, University of Kentucky
“I love SelectScience because I get all of the scientific info in one place and for free”

iPad Air Winner from the Reviews Competition April 2017

Dr Naser Jasim, Department of Chemistry, University of York
“I am a research chemist, my instruments help me and my students to perform our research. A lot of these were purchased via SelectScience where we find solutions to our problems. That is why we love SelectScience.”

$50 Amazon voucher winner survey respondent March 2017

Dr Ayesha Saleem, McMaster University, Canada
“SelectScience is one of my go-to sources for obtaining expert opinion on any new device/assay/antibody I am looking to purchase. I trust the reviews on the site, as there is no pressure on anyone to write something positive or negative. That's valuable peer review available for free!”

iPad Air Winner from the Reviews Competition February 2017

Christoph Roesli, Novartis Pharma AG Sweden
”What a surprise! Winning an iPad Air in the reviews competition on SelectScience is marvellous!”

Amazon Voucher Winner from the Spectroscopy Analysis Survey June 2016

Aaron Lewis, ALS Environmental
“I find the application notes and articles that are published on SelectScience to be very informative. The product reviews are easy to provide and are a great way to assess the value of any given consumable or instrument before they are used in the lab. Product reviews are now common amongst household consumer product websites but providing this useful service to analytical services providers is a great way of sharing experiences, good or bad!”

Amazon Voucher Winner from the Spectroscopy Analysis Survey June 2016

Cathy Pham-Nguyen, Bayer Crop Science
“SelectScience has been a useful resource for applications and methods that I have used for updating myself on the new technologies that are available.”

Amazon Voucher Winner from the Spectroscopy Analysis Survey June 2016

Crystal Daniels, Mitchell Cancer Institute
"I am very excited to be selected as one of the SelectScience survey winners! SelectScience has a very easy to use interface for submitting reviews of science products. I feel like the site will continue to be a valuable resource to me for checking the thoughts of scientists who have used science products before making a potentially costly purchase."

Amazon Voucher Winner from the Spectroscopy Analysis Survey June 2016

Jeff Corkern, W.A. Callegari Environmental Center
“SelectScience, with its independent user reviews, is a valuable resource. I have found I am beginning to check out SelectScience whenever I am in the market for a new instrument. Independent user reviews, user input, are absolutely critical for the success of SelectScience. I write reviews for SelectScience and encourage my fellow lab managers to do so also.”

Amazon Voucher Winner from the Spectroscopy Analysis Survey June 2016

Dr John Corthell, University of Michigan
“I use SelectScience to quickly assess which machines are the best and which are the most used – which are often not the same thing. SelectScience makes it easy to determine the pros and cons of using a specific device. It's a great source of information for my work.”

Amazon Voucher Winner from the Spectroscopy Analysis Survey June 2016

Dr Xiaoqing Lu, University of Miami
“SelectScience helps me make the best choice when ordering life Science products!”

March 2016 Winner of €350 Amazon Voucher

Jonathan Quille, Coca-Cola, Ireland
“I’m delighted to win the review prize! The SelectScience product review process was very quick and easy. Sharing this information with other analysts/researchers will hopefully provide useful, firsthand knowledge of the quality of analytical products on the market today.”

February 2016 Winner of $400 Amazon Voucher

Edoardo Moretto, IN CNR Milano, Italy
"I use SelectScience and it is very easy to write and read reviews about products. It is a very useful tool to know in advance what to expect from a service or a product. Reviews allow you to evaluate all the pros and cons of products before making the right choice, which is very helpful in our field."