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All reviews published between September 30th 2014 and November 29th 2014 will be entered into the prize drawing on November 30th 2014. The winner will have the choice of an iPad Air or a $400/£250/equivalent currency Amazon Voucher.

SelectScience is pleased to congratulate the following winners of recent competitions and prize drawings.
November 2014 Winner of a $400 Amazon Voucher

Vicki Mattern, Texas Biomedical Research Institute
“I am so excited to win the $400 Amazon voucher for submitting reviews to SelectScience. I found the site when browsing for a water bath. It was very helpful and I was happy to share my experience with other products.It’s always great to get firsthand accounts of how products performed in the lab environment. I will continue to use it as a source and to submit reviews.”

September 2014 iPad Air Competition Winner

Dr. Sami Tuomivaara, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center University of Georgia
“Thank you SelectScience and all the reviewers, you have helped me to find relevant and suitable products for my biochemical research. There is so much information available, and it is easy to find. Most importantly, their views come from working scientists just like me. I'm so glad I joined and contributed, that was the least I could do.”

July 2014 iPad Air Competition Winner

Dr. Ritesh P. Bhole, Dr D. Y. Patil Institute of Pharm Sci. and Research, Pune
"I am really very surprised and happy to have won the SelectScience iPad competition. SelectScience provides a great platform for the budding scientists and researchers who would like to further their research. SelectScience’s contribution to the scientific community is incredible. I feel very proud to be a part of SelectScience."

June 2014 Reviewers Only Competition Winner: Personalized FIFA World Cup Shirt

Chris Bianca, JRF America
“The SelectScience world had been invaluable to help me and well as my colleagues to learn more about the products out there, as well as the multiple functions they have and the best use for them. I encourage all scientists to join the community of SelectScience to improve the value of what they purchase”

May 2014 winner of iPad Air

Adam Molnar, Henkel Ltd
“I was really surprised to win an iPad with my very first review for SelectScience. The SelectScience community is really valuable for helping me to make purchasing decisions that can be difficult, especially when working to tight deadlines. I am going to recommend SelectScience to all my colleagues and friends.”

May 2014 Reviewers Only Competition Winner: $100 Amazon Voucher

Bhuvana Katkere, Penn State University
“My experience with SelectScience has been amazing both as a place I go to check on reviews for various products that I use and as a place I go to write reviews for products that I love. The reviews are especially valued by me as I know they are from real people like me who actually used those products. I use SelectScience reviews to make my purchasing decisions.”

March 2014 winner of iPad Air

Bei Yao, Peking University
“About 2 years ago, our lab had a chance to buy a sequencing machine, and we needed advice on which product to buy. So I searched all the Chinese life science and biotech BBS but I got nothing useful. Then I went and google searched for foreign biotech website, I found SelectScience. There is useful user comments, not from the equipment sellers. It is an excellent website which covers almost every area, I’ve learnt a lot from it and I want to share my opinion on it. Thanks a lot.”

12 Reviews Of Christmas Competitions Winners
All won $100 Amazon voucher each

Debra Betters, NYC Dep

Veronica Drumea, Sc Biotehnos SA

Jitendra Sinha, National Institute Of Nutrition (Nin)

Mouhssin Oufir, Pharmazentrum

Kevin Sunley, Xbiotech Usa Inc.

Nitin Rustogi, University Of Manchester

Sebastien Chanlon, Biomnis

Anwar Ullah, UNESP

Malia Anderson, Brigham Young University

Sally Lees, University of Cambridge

Martin Leitenberger, University of Hohenheim

Robert Thorn, Brown University

November 2013 winner of IPAD Air

Deb Callahan, Water Purification Plant
“SelectScience is a very useful site for researching new equipment and products before making purchasing decisions. It’s a good place to find information on types and brands of equipment that I’m not already familiar with. The user reviews are most helpful!”

May 2013 Winner of an iPad3

David Allison, 3M Healthcare
“SelectScience is always my first point of call when looking for new equipment. The website has been an excellent tool for so many things such as finding information and advice on a very large range of products. The webinars, articles and videos available are for all fields of science and research and full of useful tips and ideas."

January 2013 Winner of an iPad3

Martin Leitenberger, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany
“SelectScience is a very useful internet platform which informs scientists about new instruments and techniques in the laboratory. User reviews help me to decide which instrument best suits my needs. Thank you for the valuable information on your site.”

September 2012 Winners of Amazon Vouchers

Polina Stolyar, Pfizer, Connecticut, USA
“Thank you for the gift card and thank you for having reviews of products that I use, making it easier for me to make purchasing decisions.”

Michelle Allen, Department of Biological Sciences, Northwest Missouri State University, USA
“Today there are so many choices for equipment and supplies and new products are always coming available. SelectScience allows us to keep up to date with technology and get the best bang for our buck. Thank you for the gift certificate, every little bit helps in these days of budget cuts.”

Phil Schaecher, Pathway Genomics, San Diego, USA
“SelectScience is my source for the most up to date news and product releases for laboratory equipment and reagents. I am always sure that I am informed of the latest and greatest in the clinical and laboratory products, thanks to their newsletter. I was so excited to hear that I had won the $15 Amazon gift card! It is always nice to have a company you love give something back to their consumers.”

Kimberly Quiñones, Applications Scientist, StellarNet Inc, Florida, USA
“Thanks for the gift card. I really appreciate it and my experience with SelectScience has been wonderful. The email newsletter and product updates are always relevant and interesting to skim through, the website is simple and user-friendly to navigate through, and the product reviews are always helpful and informative. SelectScience is definitely a go to when shopping for analytical instruments!”

Survey Winner of a Kindle Fire

Anthony Neuger, Moffitt Cancer Center, Florida, USA
“SelectScience has always been an important resource for me over the years. Whether it’s a review, an article or a link to more information, I can trust the information to be useful in my researching of a product or a technique. I am always happy to leave a review of my own and take a survey to contribute and I am thrilled to win the Kindle Fire.”

April 2012 Scientists’ Choice Awards Voting winner of a Kindle Fire

Wolfgang Muss, Univ. Inst. of Pathology, EM-Lab, SALK-LKH (Gen. Hosp.) Salzburg, Austria
“There are many printed and electronic scientific resources providing information on new scientific products, instrumentation, reagents, applications and resources. But as a subscriber to SelectScience’s Newswires I can, for free, access up to date information all in one place, including company leaflets, product description and communication data. When I take the time to read and process this information it is possible to evaluate, compare and decide more quickly and reliably on the best laboratory equipment to purchase. I have found that on most occasions the information sent to me is a valuable resource for the Lab. Thanks to the SelectScience team for providing relevant and regular product, application, video and Webinar alerts.”

February 2012 Winner of an iPad

Stewart P. Rudnicki, Harvard Medical School, MA, USA

"I rely on SelectScience reviews as part of my normal evaluation process of any product I purchase for our laboratory. I find the candid opinions that scientists leave about the lab equipment they work with extremely helpful in understanding their performance and reliability, and in making purchasing decisions."

January 2012 Winner of a $100 Amazon Voucher

Rajashree Ravi, Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene, Maryland, USA
"As a method developer I find SelectScience an excellent tool to access information on environmental, biological, and chemical methods, as well as product information. In other words I can find them all in one place. I really appreciate the people who are involved in creating such a wonderful scientific resource all in one website"

December 2011 Winner of a Sanyo Digital Camera

Bernard Grosso, Virent, Wisconsin, USA
"The reviews I find on SelectScience help me to make the right purchasing decisions when comparing similar products from different manufacturers. I have found the site to be reliable and have yet to be disappointed with the insights expressed in the reviews."

November 2011 Winner of a Sanyo Digital Camera

Jianhong Wu, Watson Laboratories, Florida, USA
“SelectScience provides me with valuable information about the latest lab products and professional opinions from scientists in different fields.”

October 2011 winner of $100 Amazon Voucher

James Stejskal, Pfizer Inc, Missouri, USA
“SelectScience helps me to be more efficient when researching new products and technology, reviews from peers are always a valuable asset when looking to novel assays, reagents, and instrumentation.”