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All reviews submitted through the Reviewers’ Choice Awards form by February 18, 2015 will be entered into the prize drawing to win a flight to the Pittcon Conference 2015, in New Orleans, LA, for you or your colleague! Plus you’ll be entered into our regular competition to win an iPad Air or $400 (or equivalent) Amazon voucher! Please see Scientists’ Choice Awards for full terms and conditions.

SelectScience is pleased to congratulate the following winners of recent competitions and prize drawings.
12 Reviews of Christmas 2014 Competition Winners: $1000 Giveaway

Sara Dunne , Northwestern University, USA
“I started reviewing products because I rely heavily on reviews for my personal purchases and secondly, because I’ve been doing scientific research for many years and feel I have valuable experience that I’d like to share with other scientists.”

12 Reviews of Christmas 2014 Competition Winners: $1000 Giveaway

Manus Carey , Queen’s University Belfast, UK
“I find Select Science is a great way to keep abreast of the latest technologies and what other users think of them. I left a review of my machine and when others do the same it will help inform decision making when looking for a new piece of equipment.”

12 Reviews of Christmas 2014 Competition Winners: $1000 Giveaway

Lori Reynolds , Chelsea Milling Company, USA
“I give reviews when I like a product. I’m an avid review reader myself in my professional life and personal life.”

12 Reviews of Christmas 2014 Competition Winners: $1000 Giveaway

Marco Milanese , University of Genova, Italy
“The review procedure is very easy and I think it could a useful tool to have feedback from customers.”

12 Reviews of Christmas 2014 Competition Winners: $1000 Giveaway

Frédéric Desmeules , IBEX Technologies, Canada
“Every time I need to purchase a new piece of equipment, I look at the SelectScience website first. It is very helpful! In return I write reviews.”

12 Reviews of Christmas 2014 Competition Winners: $1000 Giveaway

Rene Bassa , University of Baja California, USA
“SelectScience is doing a great job at publishing the experience of researchers with so many instruments.”

12 Reviews of Christmas 2014 Competition Winners: $1000 Giveaway

Amal Elatioui, NYP

12 Reviews of Christmas 2014 Competition Winners: $1000 Giveaway

Imma Ferrer , University of Colorado, USA

12 Reviews of Christmas 2014 Competition Winners: $1000 Giveaway

Sara Pose-Albacete , University of Leeds, UK

12 Reviews of Christmas 2014 Competition Winners: $1000 Giveaway

Jess McGovern , Eurofins Laboratories, UK

12 Reviews of Christmas 2014 Competition Winners: $1000 Giveaway

Anwar Ullah , UNESP, Brazil

November 2014 Winner of a $400 Amazon Voucher

Vicki Mattern, Texas Biomedical Research Institute
“I am so excited to win the $400 Amazon voucher for submitting reviews to SelectScience. I found the site when browsing for a water bath. It was very helpful and I was happy to share my experience with other products.It’s always great to get firsthand accounts of how products performed in the lab environment. I will continue to use it as a source and to submit reviews.”

September 2014 iPad Air Competition Winner

Dr. Sami Tuomivaara, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center University of Georgia
“Thank you SelectScience and all the reviewers, you have helped me to find relevant and suitable products for my biochemical research. There is so much information available, and it is easy to find. Most importantly, their views come from working scientists just like me. I'm so glad I joined and contributed, that was the least I could do.”

July 2014 iPad Air Competition Winner

Dr. Ritesh P. Bhole, Dr D. Y. Patil Institute of Pharm Sci. and Research, Pune
"I am really very surprised and happy to have won the SelectScience iPad competition. SelectScience provides a great platform for the budding scientists and researchers who would like to further their research. SelectScience’s contribution to the scientific community is incredible. I feel very proud to be a part of SelectScience."

June 2014 Reviewers Only Competition Winner: Personalized FIFA World Cup Shirt

Chris Bianca, JRF America
“The SelectScience world had been invaluable to help me and well as my colleagues to learn more about the products out there, as well as the multiple functions they have and the best use for them. I encourage all scientists to join the community of SelectScience to improve the value of what they purchase”

May 2014 winner of iPad Air

Adam Molnar, Henkel Ltd
“I was really surprised to win an iPad with my very first review for SelectScience. The SelectScience community is really valuable for helping me to make purchasing decisions that can be difficult, especially when working to tight deadlines. I am going to recommend SelectScience to all my colleagues and friends.”

May 2014 Reviewers Only Competition Winner: $100 Amazon Voucher

Bhuvana Katkere, Penn State University
“My experience with SelectScience has been amazing both as a place I go to check on reviews for various products that I use and as a place I go to write reviews for products that I love. The reviews are especially valued by me as I know they are from real people like me who actually used those products. I use SelectScience reviews to make my purchasing decisions.”

March 2014 winner of iPad Air

Bei Yao, Peking University
“About 2 years ago, our lab had a chance to buy a sequencing machine, and we needed advice on which product to buy. So I searched all the Chinese life science and biotech BBS but I got nothing useful. Then I went and google searched for foreign biotech website, I found SelectScience. There is useful user comments, not from the equipment sellers. It is an excellent website which covers almost every area, I’ve learnt a lot from it and I want to share my opinion on it. Thanks a lot.”

12 Reviews Of Christmas Competitions Winners
All won $100 Amazon voucher each

Debra Betters, NYC Dep

Veronica Drumea, Sc Biotehnos SA

Jitendra Sinha, National Institute Of Nutrition (Nin)

Mouhssin Oufir, Pharmazentrum

Kevin Sunley, Xbiotech Usa Inc.

Nitin Rustogi, University Of Manchester

Sebastien Chanlon, Biomnis

Anwar Ullah, UNESP

Malia Anderson, Brigham Young University

Sally Lees, University of Cambridge

Martin Leitenberger, University of Hohenheim

Robert Thorn, Brown University