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Exciton Laser Dye  

Exciton specialize in the development and manufacture of the highest quality fluorescent and absorber dyes and dye stabilisers for applications ranging from fluorescent tags, OLEDs, neon...
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Supercritical Reactors/ Reaction Systems  

Thar's SuperReactor/Extractor systems are built to enable the user to rapidly react multiple compounds with supercritical CO2, video record it occuring, then extract materials of interest.
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BR-25 BERGHOF Reactor  

BR-25 – The New Small Reactor from BERGHOF The unique feature of all BERGHOF reactors lies in their thick-walled PTFE inserts and PTFE linings, although all reactors are also available...
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highreactor – New Reactor Line from BERGHOF  

In conjunction with Pittcon, in February, BERGHOF introduced a completely new line of reactors with volumes ranging from 25 ml to 4 liters. The reactors now have a fully modular design and...
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