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Agilent Drug Discovery Services: HTS  

Agilent’s contract Lead Discovery Service utilizes label-free RapidFire technology for direct quantitation of a wide range of native analytes across diverse therapeutic areas. Supports SAR...
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Chemical Building Blocks  

Our non-exclusive building block collection, consisting of over 12,000 products, has been developed to support advanced combinatorial lead generation, hit-to-lead, lead optimization and...
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A-S Software Development Service  

Aitken Scientific provide a service of software and hardware integration to a broad range of clients. These clients are mainly based in pharmaceuticals, engineering, scientific research,...
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ASINEX Service Chemistry  

We are an experienced and reliable provider of effective chemistry solutions ( Custom Synthesis & Lead Optimisation ) on time, and at cost-effective rates. Our 104 chemists represent a...
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Drug-Like Collection  

Drug-Like collection (now containing 240,000 compounds) was obtained by application of drug-like and structural filters to our Screening Collection.
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Pre-plated Representative Sets  

Enamine now offers six Pre-plated Representative compounds Sets, representing structural diversity of the Enamine’s collections. The Pre-plated Representative Sets were obtained by...
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REAL database  

The ability of Enamine to synthesize a large number of screening compounds is formulated as its REAL DataBase. This original product represents a validated chemistry space that was created...
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Targeted Libraries  

Drug-like compounds (meeting necessary ADME and structural requirements) that may have a higher probability of interacting with potential drug targets. Two types of libraries are offered by...
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In-Vivo/In-Vitro Monoclonal Antibody Production  

HBPS provides both research and cGMP monoclonal antibody production.
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SynPhase Lanterns  

SynPhase Lanterns are the latest generation of grafted products optimized for small organic molecule and peptide synthesis. The SynPhase Lantern is cylindrical in appearance and is...
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