Preclinical Testing

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Albira PET/SPECT/CT Imaging System   

5 out of 5

Albira- Revolutionary PET/SPECT/CT  for preclinical small animal imaging. The Albira system features a modular architecture that introduces a patented single-crystal detector and...
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upcyte® Coronary Artery Smooth Muscle Cells (CAS...  

upcyte® CASMCs are genetically engineered human cell strains, derived from single donor primary cells. The assay-ready standardized cells exhibit primary features. Applications...
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Action Potential Duration (APD) Testing on hESC-...  

Evaluate compounds in human stem cell-derived, ventricular-type cardiomyocytes. Effects on action potential parameters are evaluated in single human cardiomyocytes using patch-clamp...
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Cell Lines  

Stable ion channel screening cell lines. Aurora Biomed provides a wide variety of stable cell lines for some of the most common drug discovery targets. Each cell line is optimized and...
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Ion Channel Screening Assays  

Assay services for drug discovery and safety testing. Aurora Biomed offers ion channel screening assays that can be used independently of, or in conjunction with, our cell lines...
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Biacore™ T200  

Biacore T200 is a versatile system for label-free interaction analysis offering solutions all the way from basic research, through drug discovery to process development and quality...
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Innovative Research Tamoxifen citrate pellets.
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