A Miniaturized Instrument for Rapid In Vitro Release Testing of Semisolid Formulations in Pharmaceuticals: Application to Ibuprofen Gel
3 November 2015

Mapping the in-vitro release of semi-solid pharmaceutical formulations is essential for the effective development of many new products. Current methods for permeation testing are slow, resource intensive and require relatively large amounts of sample. Additionally, at present the analyses are done in the bulk media. With semi-solid creams or gels designed for topical application there are currently no methods at all for directly monitoring the donor layer; be this in a standard or miniature Franz cell set up. This application note aims to address the current methodology’s shortfalls. This has been achieved by developing a novel application of Paraytec's unique 2-dimensional UV imaging technology. This system provides direct imaging of both the semi-solid donor layer and the receptor compartment.