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CellVue® Burgundy Fluorescent Cell Labeling Kit  
CellVue® Fluorescent Imaging Kits use proprietary labeling technology to stably incorporate fluorescent dyes containing long aliphatic hydrocarbon tails into lipid membranes. They are...
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IRDye® 800CW 2-DG Optical Probe  
Cancer cells are often characterized by a high metabolic rate exemplified by an elevated rate of glycolysis. This observation forms the basis for positron emission tomography (PET) using...
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IRDye® 800CW PEG Contrast Agent  
IRDye 800CW PEG Contrast Agent (25-60 kDa) is a non-specific imaging agent intended to exploit EPR in tumor biology. Enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) is a common characteristic...
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IRDye® 800CW RGD Optical Probe  
IRDye 800CW RGD Optical Probe is a near-infrared labeled BrightSite™ imaging agent specifically designed to target the overexpression of integrins on tumors. Integrins are cell surface...
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