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Immuno Strips  
Line or dot immuno strips are still widely used in IVD tests. Many infectious diseases generate indeed a complex immune response and necessitate checking the patient serum for the presence...
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Membranes for Lateral Flow Tests  
UniSart® nitrocellulose membranes have been designed to be the ideal solid phase for Lateral Flow, able to bind high amount of capture reagent and yield a controlled and fast wicking of...
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Being the first ever manufacturer of microporous membranes , Sartorius has many decades of experience in membrane formulation as well as in the building of state of the art specific...
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rLINE Robotic Dispenser Module  
The Sartorius rLINE is an OEM Dispenser Module suitable for various automated liquid handling applications. The Sartorius rLINE Robotic Dispenser Module brings the proven technology...
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