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DNASTAR Lasergene 12.1 Software Integrates Cloud Capability with Ground Computers Molecular Biology, sequencing, Software13 Oct 2014Read
AB SCIEX and Illumina Collaborate to Create World’s First Multi-omics Cloud-Computing Environment Metabolomics, NGS Software, NGS2 Oct 2014Read
Selvita Licenses Cresset’s Computational Tools for SAR Analysis and Ligand-Based Design Software, Drug Discovery2 Sep 2014Read
ACD/Labs Announces v2014 Release of ACD/Structure Elucidator Suite at ACS National Meeting Software18 Aug 2014Read
SelectScience Opens Voting in the Scientists’ Choice Awards for Drug Discovery & Development Product of the Year Scientists Choice Awards-, Drug Discovery, drugdevelopment8 Aug 2014Read
QIAGEN Advances Leadership in Pre-Analytical Solutions with Launch of 14 New Cancer Gene Panels Cancer, NGS18 Jul 2014Read
PerkinElmer Launches New Version of ChemBioOffice® Suite Data Analysis, Software, Data Acquisition23 Jun 2014Read
Waters Introduces Xevo G2-XS QTof and Xevo TQ-S micro Mass Spectrometers, Taking Benchtop Quantitative and Qualitative MS Applications to New Levels Proteins, Pharmacokinetics, Peptides19 Jun 2014Read
In the News this Week: New Pocket Molecular Sensor, Improving Leukemia Patient Care & Clinical Data Solution Leukemia, Airborne Pollutants6 Jun 2014Read
ionKey/MS System Redefines MS Performance Food Safety, Pharmacokinetics, Environmental Analysis5 Jun 2014Read

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